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Discussion in 'Open Projects' started by cirocontinisio, Sep 16, 2020.

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  1. cirocontinisio


    Jun 20, 2016
    Update: Open Projects is not in development anymore. For more info, read here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I follow the projects in development?
    You can follow the development on the Github of the first project, or join our bi-weekly live-streams on the Unity YouTube channel (subscribe to be alerted by a notification). Find all the past livestreams in this playlist.

    I have a question on game design, platform, controls...
    All of this is covered in the Design Wiki, which you can find within the roadmap.

    How do I make a contribution? And why would I?
    We have some extensive Contribution Guidelines to get you started on why, what, and how to contribute to the projects. And don't forget that any contribution needs to be discussed here first, by creating a thread on this very sub-forum.

    What if I find a bug? Can I do QA on the game?
    You can! QA is an important part of the process. Please report the bug on Github, using the template provided there.

    What is the license on the projects?
    Any contribution made by us and by the community is covered by a standard Apache 2.0 license, which you can check out inside the project's repository.

    What Unity version will we use? What packages?
    The Open Projects initiative is meant to simulate a real development process, so we stick to an LTS (Long-term support) version of Unity for the duration of the project. The project started on 2019.4 LTS and is now on 2020.3 LTS. We will upgrade to whatever latest patch is available. Additionally, we will use mostly packages that are out of Preview (with a couple of tiny exceptions).

    Can I move/edit cards on the roadmap?
    The roadmap on Codecks is handled by the Unity team, which is the one managing the cards. We will make sure to keep them updated and set their status to the correct one.
    From time to time we might invite some users as observers to be able to assign them as owners of a card, but this only happens in the case of big contributions. In any case, even those users won't be able to edit cards - just comment on them.

    How do I get into the credits?
    Contributing code/assets is not the only way to make it into the credits. Opening valid Issues, having a PR that has been merged, or by doing Code Reviews on other people's code. Additionally, we'll also have a special thanks section for great discussions and helpful community behaviour.

    Who's behind the initiative?
    The initiative is mainly driven by the Creator and Advocacy team at Unity, with occasional contributions by other teams in R&D, QA, and more... and by you!
    For more info, check the credits on the roadmap.
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