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Discussion in 'Samsung Smart TV' started by Kurius, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Kurius


    Sep 29, 2013
    I'm thinking developers would benefit from a little FAQ as to the current state of Samsung Smart TV / Tizen TV. Here's some questions that I have, including what I think the answers are (please let me know if I'm wrong)...

    Question: Is Samsung Tizen TV replacing Samsung Smart TV?
    Answer: Seems like the answer is yes. The newest developer resource pages on Samsung's website regarding Smart TV are no newer than 2014. Furthermore, it seems like some major change happened in 2015. For example...
    Meanwhile the developer pages on Samsung's website regarding Tizen TV seem to be brand new. For example...
    Furthermore, Samsung seems to be referring to the Smart TV API as a "LEGACY" API...
    In fact, Samsung has released a tool called Toast to convert code to run on both OS. Not sure if Unity will embrace this or not.

    Question: So what does Unity 5.x support?
    Answer: Seems like Unity 5.x only supports Samsung Smart TV. The Unity Build Settings for Tizen appear to be for Tizen mobile devices only (not Tizen TV)...
    However it looks like Unity support for Tizen TV is coming soon (as per Samsung's Tizen developer website)...

    Question: What does the game market look like on Smart TV vs Tizen TV?
    Answer: Well I just bought a cheap (J6200 model) Samsung Smart TV, and it only has 39 games on it which feel like they're from the 1990's. They're designed to work with the basic TV remote with just a directional pad and an enter button, so the game mechanics are pretty basic. Conversely looking online, I see that the Tizen TV game market looks just as feature rich as the Samsung mobile app store!
    Note: Some screenshots online show a better Smart TV OS (with better games ) than my TV has. This makes me think there are different versions of Smart TV OS running on different models of TVs. Here's what I see on my Smart TV (and there are no firmware/software updates available at this time)...

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