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Failed to start the Unity Package Manager local server process (MacOS) (2019.3.13f1)

Discussion in 'Package Manager' started by hyperhuzaifa, May 18, 2020.

  1. hyperhuzaifa


    Aug 21, 2015
    I just installed Unity 2019.3.13f1 via hub. I used to have 2019.3.5f1 which used to work.
    I recently updated to OSX Catalina - not sure if that could be a factor as I had deleted Unity to help clear space for Catalina upgrade and Unity has been giving me this error ever since.

    Unity Package Manager Diagnostics
    Version 0.1.5

    Starting diagnostics. Please do not close this window. This may take a few minutes...

    ✔ Making an HTTP request to the UPM package registry...
    ⚠ Measuring the latency of the UPM package registry API...
    ⚠ Measuring the latency of the UPM package download endpoint...
    ✔ Testing the Internet connection using the UPM package registry...
    ✔ Testing the Internet connection using
    ✔ Detecting whether proxy-related environment variables are set...
    ✖ Running the UPM health check...

    Attaching logs.
    Please help.

    Attached Files:

  2. supitaUnity


    Unity Technologies

    Dec 13, 2019
    Code (CSharp):
    1. ❓ UPM health check (UNKNOWN)
    2. Start the UPM process and call its health endpoint
    3. >> Could not find UPM executable at path '/Applications/Unity/Hub/Editor/2019.3.13f1/'
    It seems that the Package Manager executable is missing. Please try to reinstall Unity from the hub, and don't quit the hub while the installation is happening.

    I'm curious on how did you run into this situation, if you could provide more information, I would appreciate it.

    Did you happen to quit the hub while the editor was installing? (Not while downloading, while installing). Or is it possible that you have an antivirus that quarantined and moved the file from its original location?
  3. hyperhuzaifa


    Aug 21, 2015
    I am not 100% sure - but I think I had uninstalled one version of unity and installed another one. And I think it probably got stuck at some point at "Installing". And when I think I might have shut Hub down and tried again. I don't remember perfectly if the Unity Install was there when I relaunched hub or if I had to reinstall it. But no amount of reinstalling just unity was fixing it. I ultimately had to delete Hub and Unity both from my applications and do a completely fresh install for it to work again.
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