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Feedback Factions: Online - Faction based PvPvE MMORPG with Territory control

Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by SocialArenaPR, Apr 14, 2020.

  1. SocialArenaPR


    Sep 26, 2016


    You wake up along a strange beach greeted by the beauty and danger of the unknown world that sprawls out in front of you. A settlement is seen off in the distance surrounded by a forest of tall trees. You stagger, still dazed from your misfortune, toward the settlement where you meet a kind shop keeper. You hear a tale of danger and war which intrigues you.

    It seems the land is controlled by 3 factions which have been in a constant state of war for centuries. You decide to learn more about these warring factions and set off on your quest.


    • Fight along side 1 of 3 factions
    • Fight over territory and resources
    • Construct your own kingdom
    • Dynamic World PvE events which requires the entire faction to come together and defend the realm
    • Battle over multiple continents, Islands, and Oceans
    • New Islands are constantly surfacing full of wonder, wealth, and dangers
    • Trade between settlements and protect caravans
    • Contract system
    • Auction House
    • Dynamic Questing and Exploration system
    Factions: Online is now out in extremely early access...



  2. SocialArenaPR


    Sep 26, 2016
    Spent the day today working on a little Graphical update (My PC sucks and doesn't really support it but for those with better PCs it should look and run pretty nicely).

    Also worked on writing a Server side Environment Manager which handles the Day/Night Cycle, Generating Weather, and other things.

    I'm now going to be starting on a rough first version of a Mob Spawning Manager which will be connected to the Environment Manager so mobs can spawn only at specific times in the day or seasons or whatever.

    If all goes well I'll be uploading a new update to the live server tonight.

  3. SocialArenaPR


    Sep 26, 2016
    Factions: Online
    Dev. Log for:
    April 13th through the 19th

    Week Goals:
    - Integrate PlayFab for Analytics and User accounts
    - Get the Environment Synced across the Network - Day/Night and Weather
    - Mob Spawning work

    I was able to accomplish all the goals I set out to do this past week. I have a Server Side Environment Manager which handles the Day/Night Cycle and Generating weather and then syncs all the clients up so everyone is seeing the same environment.

    I started work on a Spawning System which is integrated in with the Environment Manager so I'm able to have Mobs that spawn only at certain times, or on certain days of the week, or certain months, ect.

    I also Integrated PlayFab so players create an actual account and I'm able to see different analytics data about the game in real time.

    Goals for next week:

    -- Client --
    - Switch over to the new UI

    -- Content pass --
    - Add more Items
    - Add more Mobs
    - Add more skills and Spells

    -- Server --
    - Optimize assets on the server

    -- Screenshots --