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Help Wanted Export and upload your own key and certificate help

Discussion in 'Unity Distribution Portal (UDP)' started by CHOO5D2, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. CHOO5D2


    Jan 3, 2019
    Hi, I tried uploading my game to UDP. Already have my game on google play and import the settings but need to provide some kind of key again.

    No idea on how to do this. This is the steps UDP provided.

    1. Download the PEPK tool from this link.
    2. Run the following command to export and encrypt your private key and public key certificate into a ZIP file. Replace the parameters in bold with your own values. Enter your storage location and key password when prompted to do so.
    java -jar pepk.jar --keystore example.jks --alias example --encryptionkey=43b13a81235055ec4f55d41ef8a58dd934857d936be037f00aa0f47d5671fcb46788cfdefba5349ac479e0539ddda576e1f7a05b33a497aea61e3e08bce5e6c1d39e930b --include-cert
    3. Upload the ZIP file containing only the private key and public key certificate (encryptedPrivateKey and certificate.pem).

    I suppose i have to use android studio? Any step by step guide is appreciated.

    Updated: I already have the keystore file in my computer. Do I simply zip that file and upload it?

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  2. CHOO5D2


    Jan 3, 2019
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  3. Unity-Boon


    Unity Technologies

    Jan 18, 2017
  4. Janette5


    Dec 14, 2020
    Detailed instructions for anyone who wants it - because the Unity guide didn't work for me:

    1. Copy & paste the code Unity gives you into Notepad.
    2. Download the PEPK tool.
    3. Right click on the PEPK tool and click UNBLOCK (because it was downloaded from the internet, Windows by default blocks it.)
    4. Move the PEPK tool and your keystore file into a writeable area of your hard drive - My documents - is a good place.
    5. Click on the PEPK tool - at the top on the ribbon there is a command - copy Path - click on that. Paste that in your notepad replacing PEPK.jar.
    6. Click on your keystore file - at the top of the ribbon there is a command - copy Path - click on that. Paste that in your notepad replacing user.keystore.
    7. Overtype the example (alias example) with your keystore alias.
    8. Copy the start of the path name of where your PEPK tool is, replace PEPK.jar with Now copy and paste this over in your notepad
    9. Find Java on your hard drive and go the bin directory - it should be somewhere like here: c:\program files\Java\jdk-12\bin
    10. At the top of the screen where the address displays - just type over it: powershell and press enter.
    11. After a second or so, Windows should open a powershell window right there for you.
    12. Replace the java part in your notepad with .\java.exe
    13. Now copy and paste the entire command from notepad into the powershell that was opened using ctrl c & ctrl v and press enter.
    14. You will be prompted for your passwords - type that in, note that you won't see them being typed in but they are being recorded. Just type them and press Enter.
    15. If everything was done correctly, you will have an file under my documents.
    The final version that you copy and paste should look something like this:

    .\java.exe -jar "C:\Users\name\OneDrive\Documents\pepk.jar" --keystore="C:\Users\name\OneDrive\Documents\yourkeystorename.keystore" --alias=yourkeystorealias --output="C:\Users\name\OneDrive\Documents\" --encryptionkey=43b13a81235055ec4f55d41ef8a58dd934857d936be037f00aa0f47d5671fcb46788cfdefba5349ac479e0539ddda576e1f7a05b33a497aea61e3e08bce5e6c1d39e930b --include-cert
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  5. Indrit_Vaka


    Jun 6, 2020
    I tried that but the CMD doesn't recognize java Here is the output
    'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

    What I should do about that?
  6. olivierbb2020


    Feb 26, 2020
    hello from french Jeanette5.
    you post help me but is there are other info to need for is ok. is very difficulte for upload app on store with UDP and sandbox. j unbelieved that !! unity team is bad :p
    my key is maked but, j try many thing....ouhhhh...most difficulte than best difficult 3d software :p
  7. olivierbb2020


    Feb 26, 2020
    hello, indrid,
    since 1 year, are you ok for you ?
    you must launch command from since repertory that jar where is ^^