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Question Export a FBX or create a model from component mesh/avatar/animation controller/etc pieces?

Discussion in 'Animation Rigging' started by UnbridledGames, May 5, 2021.

  1. UnbridledGames


    May 12, 2020
    I'm working with a unity asset that is in pieces. It fully animates in unity, but it's not easily editable. It's a full prefab with all the transforms, a skinned mesh renderer, an avatar asset, animation assets, but no access to the tabs I've seen in tutorials to edit the rig, set the bones/muscles, etc.

    Is there any way to rebuild that structure from the components, either in Unity or another tool like Blender?

    I'm trying to tweak some existing animations/build new ones, but the avatar file seems to have no effect when added to the animator? The file itself is full of data.

    Is it possible to recreate the fbx/model from the component parts? I've googled this a ton but all I can find is links to importing FBX or exporting FBX that are already models.
  2. giantkilleroverunity3d


    Feb 28, 2014
    Your FBX is incomplete or not compatible with the import process.
    I have just encountered this with my FBX and here is the journey.
    The Animations are only transform modifications and there is not skeleton for IK.
    I had to add the skeleton to the model.
    The rig tab had the possibility there but when I changed the Muscles and setting parts the changes never were saved even though Unity reports that there is a skeleton colored gray.
    The mapping shows a green T-pose but when one switches to muscles tab the model crouches into a loose fetal position and the skeleton follows this and is gray. My process in this effort has not gone well.
    I am still digging in with this model. I could just go get a free Maya export to learn Unity's rigging but I know it inside out now because of the many different attempts to get this to work.
    The Unity model GO hierarchy is:
    The animator can be seen in the top level GO.
    This was causing numerous positional problems so I dropped the animator down one into the Bipo001.
    The model quit jumping into strange positions but the animation files broke.
    This is when I was able to get IK working. I had to inject FinalIK hinge components into the model's GOs which now modifies the model hierarchy so any work glues the model and animations together with no way of transferring any work to other models.
    But I got the model to work as an IK now and I seen the bone skeleton in the model in the scene and the FinalIK constraints work like a charm.
    These are the specifications of the TurboSquid asset I purchased:
    Notice there are no Maya files. I believe the rigging import would be more complete with a Maya export.
    I am currently using the Robot_Lowpoly version and have problems in Unity 2020.3.4f1
    Unity has bit off more than they are servicing in this arena as there are differences between the Autodesk exports.
    In their animrig demos they show things working well and I believe it is because they are using Maya FBX files.
    Otherwise it looks like we are on our own till Unity looks a little deeper at supporting FBX imports which Autodesk has created problems with in the past.
    I hope this helps with your insight as to what you have in your model. Check the exporter verson.
  3. giantkilleroverunity3d


    Feb 28, 2014
    I also get this: