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Looking For Contributor Experienced game designer looking for 1-2 programmers for VR firefighting game. 18+ only

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by Zebrakiller, Mar 22, 2021.

  1. Zebrakiller


    Jan 11, 2014
    **Project Name:** VR Firefighters

    **Role Required:** Unity 3D C# Programmer

    **My Role:** Project manager, Game Designer

    **My Experience**

    I have been a project manager and game designer for the company that I co-own, [Big Red Planet]( for about 5 years. During my time with BRP I have released 2 games that I was the project manager and lead game designer. The most notable one being [One More Night](, which is a top-down shooter currently in early access. The company is moving on to a survival horror game as the next project and that game is too spooky for me so I’m going to be minimally involved in the development. So, I’m starting a side project to break into the VR space!

    I have also worked on a few other small mobile games and have worked with other indie developers working on other projects that have not released yet.

    **Project Length:** 4-6 months for MVP

    **Compensation:** rev-share plus small monthly payments on milestones.

    **Project Description:** VR Firefighters is a VR game where the player takes on the role of a firefighter in a large city. The main objective is for the player to play through the story missions by responding to emergencies. There will be a central hub where the player can practice firefighting techniques and select missions to progress the story. On missions, the player will be able to move utilizing a teleport system common on many VR titles.

    This game is putting heavy emphasis on player choice, dark themes, and story/drama. Players will need to choose proper fire fighting techniques, which tools to use in certain situations, and need to make life or death choices. They will be graded in various aspects depending on the mission goals. We have a GDD that is about 70% complete available after signing an NDA.

    **Current state of the project**

    I have already purchased some assets from the Unity Asset Store and crafted a GDD to get us started with structure.
    We also have a Unity collab project setup and the first level is nearly complete.
    We have most of the 3D models that are needed for final MVP.

    Add me on Discord. Zebrakiller#0001