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Question Exception "KeyNotFoundException: The given key '4294967296' was not present in the dictionary"

Discussion in 'Netcode for GameObjects' started by GuirieSanchez, Nov 27, 2022.

  1. GuirieSanchez


    Oct 12, 2021
    "A lot of pipeline updates have been queued, possibly too many being scheduled in pipeline logic, queue count: 0"

    I've been running a host on the editor, and a client on a build in order to test what would happen when the host's app/game is not running while in mid-game. To do so, I stop the game on the editor for a couple of seconds (2s - 15s approx), and the client was waiting for the host to come back. So far so good, as this is the intended behavior. As soon as I resumed the editor, both the host and the client resumed their game and everything worked fine.

    However, I stopped the game one more time for like 30s or so, and I got these errors on the Editor (host):


    If I'm not mistaken, this means that the host (because it's got ID = 0) disconnected from the game.



    And finally this warning:


    For this last warning, I was getting 1 warning per frame, and it doesn't stop.

    I have no clue what these exceptions/warnings mean, so I'll appreciate any help. Thank you.
  2. cerestorm


    Apr 16, 2020
    You can increase the time out by changing the Unity Transport's Disconnect timeout MS field in the inspector, but I don't know if there are any consequences with this. Presumably there's going to be a build up of messages to send until the connection is re-established. It's a good idea to subscribe to NetworkManager.Singleton.OnClientDisconnectCallback on both client and server so you can do the clean up should the client be disconnected.

    I don't know about the errors but to rule out something that's already been fixed update to the latest version of Netcode.
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  3. simon-lemay-unity


    Unity Technologies

    Jul 19, 2021
    Regarding the warning about pipeline updates, this is fixed in version 1.3.0 of
    , which should get installed alongside the latest version of Netcode for GameObjects (1.1.0).
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