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[Excellence] Recruitement for a HD vertical scrolling shoot'em up.

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by Spidyy, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. Spidyy


    Mar 6, 2011
    Excellence Team is recruiting!

    The men and the game.
    I'm Rémi 'Spidyy' Boullerne, 29 year old, french, gameplay programmer with a degree in computer programming, one year of professional experience as gameplay programmer and several years as autodidact. I started Excellence after my studies, to try making my own game and learn the way how games are made. It helped me behing hired for a year, but then got suspended for a long time.

    I got the cooperation of Nico as Artist and Alex as Musician and Sound designer. Our work got some nice result, but we lacked too much to call it an actual game. We got our ways separated with our own jobs.

    Today, I'm now unemployed and I'm willing to get Excellence done. So here I am, looking for peoples wanting to have a change of pace, looking for experience or who simply love making shoot'em up games.

    Why do I need peoples?

    Or I would say when I first started. Excellence was a sweat dream to get a video game done solely by myself. I worked my butt on a 2D engine in C++, and got something to play with, but not really enjoyable for me as it mainly used graphics from another games.

    Some people will recognize ships from CCP's Eve Online

    I wanted more, so I asked for the collaboration of Nicolas and Alexandre for something with more personality, that was the birth of Excellence. We abandonned the C++ engine and buyed a Unity Pro license for that.

    Going from conception and artwork to modeling and rendering.
    Now play the music in background before proceeding. :]

    And now, I want to push the effort to bring the game to something I can be proud of, going from the draft to the player's screen. And for this, I need you!

    At which people is this thread directed at?
    As I opened the thread in the collaboration section, you should have guessed that far. I need people which have spare time to gives to this project, but not only time.
    I need people :
    • Who are willing to work for a project to enhance themselves.
    • Who want to begin some new adventure with a new team.
    • Who are, like me, unemployed and want to keep having practice while searching/waiting for the next job.
    • Who need to generate some more stuff for their portefolio.
    • Who want to have some fun while doing what they like : video games.
    • Who simply want to create a great shoot'em up.
    Or in summary, people for wich, money is not an issue, or at least in the short run.

    Also, and it isn't a trivial issue : the project could generate profits in the long term. If, or should I say, IF the project is doing well or is a success and a retail is released for sell, you, as a participant of the project, will receive a part of the benefits, be it as a single payment or as a share of the sales.


    Who do I need?

    Before going into the details, I want to separate the project into three main parts :
    • The R&D
    • The God Work
    • The Beta

    The R&D, or Research and Define-what-will-be-needed, will be about creating the proper Game Design Documents, preparing the graphics engine and the tools inside Unity, drawing the concept arts and finalizing the workflow.
    The God Work will be the production stage, creating content, levels, cinematics or whatever will be needed to create The Game itself.
    At last, The Beta will be the stage of the bug hunt and preparing the monetization of the game. At that point, we can assume there will be some benefits.

    Needless to say, if we were to fail one stage, the next ones won't happens.

    The offers
    The R&D
    For now, I will hire only for the R&D stage, meaning protyping the game, building the engine and the final rendering, writing the GDD and so on. I will open the recruitment for the other stage in another thread once it is needed.

    Note I'm living in the timezone GMT+1 Paris.

    -- Game Designer --
    The first thing is to mark black on white what will be the final game. I have my own view of what Excellence would look like, but I'm clearly NOT a game designer, thus I can't establish a robust and fun gameplay, except "going pew pew, scoring like sick, dying hard".

    Your mission :
    - Defining, with my help and constraints, what will be the final gameplay of the game, like how the ship will evolve, how to kill the enemies, will it be more like a 'bullet hell', an old school shooter or something completely new and innovative.
    - Writing the actual story of the game, filling gaps and make sure it the content of the game will make sense with the story itself.
    - Defining the important characters of the game, what is their personnality, their traits and physics, their impact on the story. Most of it is already done, as show the artworks, but is missing important details.
    - Write a storyboard,
    - Building the great lines of the stages, at the count of 5 minimum, more if needed/possible, meaning how they will look, what kind of enemies we got there and what the characters will tell.
    - Writing the GDD according to all the task previously explained, to keep track of where we will be going.

    Your profil :
    - You are organized and have an overflowing imagination (of course. :] )
    - You are willing to put your skills at test on a shoot'em up game, one of the first genre of the video game history, to make a game with its own strengh
    - You have a primor experience as Game Designer, with examples of your work, OR you are a young Game Designer from a school, willing to forge yourself some more experience and can be supported by an advisor.
    - You already possess the needed software for your work (Microsoft Word / Open Office and any drawing software)
    - You have pleasure and fun creating games and working as a Game Designer (very important, as you won't have the money to motivate you!)
    - Of course, you are fluent in english, at least written.

    Additionnal ... things :
    - You possess a Unity Pro license for yourself, in wich case you will be able to follow and test the development of the game.
    - You are a pationnate of the Shooter genre and have played some of the greatest existing title or already worked on another shooter project.
    - You have a passion for the japanese animation/art, as you will have to work with robot and exotic ships.

    Summary : You are a creative guy who wish to work on the full process of a shoot'em up, with a newly created team and wish to have fun with its ... collaboration? Man, come on, I seeked for you all my life!


    -- Graphics Programmer --
    My dreams tend to make me a generalist programmer, having knowledge in 'nearly' anything, but expert in nothing. And any non specialized programmer know how 3D graphics, shaders and so on can be pretty time-consuming, that is why I need you!

    Your mission :
    - Enhance and extend the graphical features of the game, using advanced shader programs and post-effect scripts.
    - Create new visual system to help gives the game its unique visual identity.
    - Create the tool to work with your visual effects efficiently.
    - Ensure the performance, robustness and extensibility of your scripts and tools during our journey through the different version of Unity and the different platforms we will be aiming.

    Your profil :
    - You are at ease with the C# programming language, as it will be our main language for the project.
    - You are an experienced programmer with graphics systems, shaders and other niceties of computer graphics, with example of your previous works. (At least, better than I am)
    - Regarding the previous statement, you are knowledgeable with Unity's rendering system. (Camera, RenderTextures, Image effects, Shaders, etc...)
    - You possess your own license of Unity Pro. (or else, it will be hard to try your own visual effects. :p)
    - You love trying and playing all kind of CG scripts and effects, searching for the coolest and most innovative visual rendering you can have!
    - Of course, you are fluent in english, at least written.

    Additionnal ... things :
    - You are a pationnate of the Shooter genre and have played some of the greatest existing title or already worked on another shooter project.
    - You did work on another game with special visual rendering.

    In summary : You will grab the visual flag I'm about to drop and continue to carry on on the highest hill of the visual quality you can possibly climb! Quite a nice way to describe things, isn't it?


    For the following jobs, two or more jobs can be taken by the same artist if he think he can handle it.

    -- 2D Artist --
    We have beautiful concept made by Nico. They are really great, but I need more of them to better express how the game will feel like.

    Your mission :
    - During the R&D stage, draw concept art of the key events of the game, be it a simple encounter between two key character, a large scale battle.
    - During the R&D stage, draw concept portrait, in cooperation with the Game Designer, or the main character of the game, in a neutral pose and with some expression.
    - During the R&D stage, draw concept of the enemy and ally vehicles we will encounter in the game, respecting the main traits of their respective nation/faction.
    - During the R&D stage, draw concept of the environment in wich the player will evolve, as it would appear in a movie. (but keeping them with the quality of a concept. =p)

    - During the God Work stage, you will have to draw all the 2D content of the game, and there will surely be a huge amount of them to draw, be it stage background, visual effects and artworks. Multiple concept artists may be needed at this point.

    Your profil :
    - You are at ease with your brush and can visualize scenes as they are described by the Game Designer.
    - You already own the drawing tools you will need for your work. (Photoshop, graphic tablet or whatever you use.)
    - You already have some experience in the job of concept art, or are good drawer and followed by an advisor in 2D art for video games. (students, I'm looking at ya!)
    - You LOVE to make a whole world emerge from the palette of your imagination to the void of reality.
    - Of course, you are fluent in english, at least written.

    Additionnal ... things :
    - You are passionate about japanese animation and sci-fi universe.
    - You have a prior experience in drawing Shoot'em up background.

    In summary : You like to play god with your fingers, and you are willing to create a world where the player will remain smug in front of his screen.


    -- 3D Modeler --
    I suck at modeling. Be it clear. I used hours to create a simple ship model to see it never used afterward. I need you for your talent!

    Your mission :
    - Help the graphics programmer to create background assets he can test his effects with.
    - Produce the background's model prior to the 2D artist to add details on it and generate the depth map and other rendering needed for the visual effects to take form.
    - Produce the models of the enemy vehicles, and any 3D assets, in a decent amount of polygon to generate pre-rendered object in good quality.

    Your profil :
    - You are professient in medium to high poly models.
    - You can produce humanoide (giant robots) and non-humanoide (vehicle, terrain) models with ease.
    - You can produce your own textures if needed. (Some models won't need textures, but some other will need it to have additionnal details.)
    - You are organized and can easily reopen your models to enhance them.
    - Of course, you are fluent in english, at least written.

    Additionnal ... things :
    - You are passionate about japanese animation and sci-fi universe.
    - You have a first experience in playing or creating sci-fi shoot'em up.
    - You have some knowledge to animate some of your non-humanoide models.

    In summary : Without you, the world of Excellence will be as empty as my can of beer during a holiday with 40°C of full sunlight, even if the game is said to be 2D.


    Now, you are interested? Leave me a PM, or contact me here :
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2013