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Eternal shard design

Discussion in 'Game Design' started by ozstrawhead, Jul 6, 2023.



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  1. ozstrawhead


    Jul 6, 2023
    Hi, I like to ask some feedback for a game design to move on with, hope this is okay to ask. A short opinion to the base mechanic is appriciated. Everything else is more concept.

    1. Base mechanic:
    The player will start the game with a high frequency health points generator. I call this mechanic the heartbeat. Compare it with a healing frequency. An event in the game, this could be a player vs player action or interaction with other game objects damage the collected amount of heartbeats in % on first hit event trigger while the frequency is running passiv in the background and gets reactivated after the action phase or a cooldown. In time the frequency is slowly descreasing and intense actions in the game will become more critical and heart consuming. The heartbeat is never stopping, but always further descreasing. It is still a game. Items and other game objects also have this kind of aging mechanic.

    Only one item in the game, the eternal shard, does not have this property. It is an indestructable "win count item". Because once added to an inventory the heartbeat frequency will not descrease anymore and the player who is carrying the shard wins the game for the time carrying it. Important, the eternal shard can always be found on the map/ui by everyone in the game, it doesn't matter where it is or who owns it.

    In the game world players can collect "material shards", like resources, to craft items directly in their inventory (the core). With this items they get special abilities to become stronger and damage or protect collected heartbeats. If a game object gets destroyed, for example because a player hits zero health or an item was fully used the "material shards" of this object are respawning in the game world for other players to collect. The rarity of the material shard will define how the shard will respawn. Some on known locations, some random, some hidden or a timer with shrinking circle and so on.

    2. Game type / concept
    The game should feel like an infinite battle royal, but it could go into various directions. It could be a crazy hit and run, but player could also form alliances to fight for the eternal shard and to share it or store it on an altar because its power is beyond. Because the eternal shard can also used in the story of the game to interact with other game objects.
    I made a big part of the story already. It should not include a typical main story line. But a riddle you also need the shard for. The riddle is made with multiple major quest lines but each will further split players' playstyles because the targets are contrary, to make it even more difficult to figure it out while everybody hunting for the eternal shard.
    The game world could be designed like floating islands, broken peaces in cyberspace, so called world shards with different bioms. Some can be building sized some huge like continents. Some will only emerge if a high level material shard is respawning after a players defeat.
    To ensure the game balance i would like to check if blockchain can ensure that special items or shards, like the eternal shard, really only exist once in the game.

    Thank you for reading into it. All critical feeback very much welcome.