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Errors with package Usings (Unity Hub requires new Node.js versions?)

Discussion in 'Package Manager' started by wlwlz, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. wlwlz


    Jun 17, 2018
    I had some silent errors in Unity recently, where there was just a timestamp and no error message at all.

    Clicking on the errors had no effect- they wouldn't send me back to the lines in the editor that were causing the error.

    I then found out that all of the Using Cinemachine; etc. had errors in the editor (Visual Studio 2019). All of the packages could not be imported properly into all of the scripts they were used in. References to the packages were all broken.

    I traced this down to YourUnityProject\Library\ScriptAssemblies which has dlls that are generated when opening a project with Unity for the first time. There was nothing in that folder.

    To solve it I reset Windows 10 (keeping all my files).

    When I did that and reinstalled Node.js I realized that, I had downgraded Node.js to version 8 recently. I suspect that Unity Packages and Unity Hub need new Node.js versions (10 and above right now work for me). I probably didn't need to reset Windows 10 or reinstall Unity or Visual Studio multiple times. I think there should be a notification about this?
  2. cassandraL


    Unity Technologies

    Dec 7, 2017
    Hello @wlwlz,
    Sorry to hear that you had issues using Unity.
    To better help you, could you file a bug?

    However, please be aware that the editor and the Hub do not use the node.js version installed on your machine.
    Therefore, it should not affect your work.
    The library folder is indeed filled with the compiled assemblies in your project and will indeed include the compiled assemblies of the packages included in your project.
    However, if compilation does not succeed, then it is possible that no dlls would be produced yet. This is usually fixed once all the errors in the editor consoles are fixed.

    From your original message, I would assume that your scripts were requiring cinemachine, but that the package was either not added to the project (which you can do using the Package Manager window) or that it was not yet compiled because of other errors in the project.
    Therefore, if you could file a bug, we could more clearly figure out what was happening and better help you. It would also help us figure out a way to better inform users of what to fix in that case.

    We look forward from hearing more from you.