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Help Wanted Errors when using MLAPI

Discussion in 'Unity Reflect' started by ABProdware, Nov 9, 2021.

  1. ABProdware


    Jul 3, 2020

    for a project, I want to use Reflect & MLAPI so I can display 3D models imported via Reflect on a TV (inside a showroom), and have some controls / interaction (rotation, zoom on a room) with a tablet / smartphone.

    I tried to import Reflect & MLAPI in the same project but I found out that the multiplayer part of Reflect already use MLAPI (an old version ?) and thus it creates conflicts with the version I imported.

    But when I use the scripts from the MLAPI used by Reflect, I get an error "KeyNotFound" if I have a NetworkedObject component on a gameobject.

    Does someone have an idea how to fix this problem ?