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Error when creating custom PaintTextureTool

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Rowlan, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Rowlan


    Aug 4, 2016
    I'd like to create my own Terrain Tool and combine height modification with texture painting. For learning purposes about how to do that, I tried to get the PaintTextureTool.cs from the UnityCsReference Link to work:

    Problem is that it isn't compilable when I add the file into my project (names of course changed). Errors:

    Code (CSharp):
    1. Assets\Editor\TerrainTools\PaintTextureToolCopy.cs(12,6): error CS0122: 'FilePathAttribute' is inaccessible due to its protection level
    2. Assets\Editor\TerrainTools\PaintTextureToolCopy.cs(33,9): error CS0122: 'TerrainLayerInspector' is inaccessible due to its protection level
    3. Assets\Editor\TerrainTools\PaintTextureToolCopy.cs(78,37): error CS0117: 'Editor' does not contain a definition for 'DrawHeaderGUI'
    4. Assets\Editor\TerrainTools\PaintTextureToolCopy.cs(81,41): error CS0117: 'EditorGUI' does not contain a definition for 'GetInspectorTitleBarObjectFoldoutRenderRect'
    5. Assets\Editor\TerrainTools\PaintTextureToolCopy.cs(83,41): error CS0117: 'EditorGUI' does not contain a definition for 'DoObjectFoldout'
    6. Assets\Editor\TerrainTools\PaintTextureToolCopy.cs(117,42): error CS1061: 'MaterialEditor' does not contain a definition for 'firstInspectedEditor' and no accessible extension method 'firstInspectedEditor' accepting a first argument of type 'MaterialEditor' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)
    Any idea how to get around that? Using Unity 2018.3.4f1.
  2. Flavelius


    Jul 8, 2012
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  3. wyatttt


    Unity Technologies

    May 9, 2018
    @Rowlan some of those functions are part of the internal Editor API so you won't be able to use them directly in your script
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