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Entreprenuer putting together dev team.

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by ElectricCrow, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. ElectricCrow


    Sep 9, 2012
    First, a little about me.

    I'm 35 years old, a family man with 3 kids and one on the way. I was self employed for almost 10 years with my first company being a web development company out of high school I sold around my 21st birthday, which also landed me my first 80,000 per year job (running the division for the company who bought me out). I realized quickly I wasn't meant to be working for someone else and left. Since then I I've found some success in the music business (took one particular band from their garage to national touring, MTV2, VH1 and charted them nationally on college radio with some commercial spins, etc) after the band decided they no longer liked each other and split up after substantial investment and time, not to mention having recently recorded 3 new and still unreleased songs with two of the countries top producers at the time, I got out of the music business. I ended up starting a mixed martial arts promotion that established national respect and recognition and to this day it is the only Pro/Am Promotion to broadcast live nationally on DirecTV. When someone gets cut from the UFC, I've been one of the first to get a call to get them built back up. I've built the careers of several MMA fighters you may be fans of today as they started from Amateurs all the way up to the big multi fight contracts with Strikeforce and the UFC. I still promote events here and there but of all of the things I've accomplished in my 35 years, none of them were ever my passion.

    My passion has been video games, since my SX64 (Maniac Mansion anyone?) that my mother bought me from a yard sale and made payments on for 6 months so I could have my first computer. I remember the computer club I was in where my mother befriended a man who would take as many 5.25 floppies and by the next month have them filled with games for me. I used to walk around with graph paper drawing pixel art characters and writing stories for the games I would never be able to make.

    I've been gaming since before several of you were born, I was however also a sales man with the ability to make quicker money in life doing other things.

    Now settled in with nice income, a full family (even got the new puppy today), I've begun delving into the world of Unity and am amazed at how much less difficult it is to develop a game today than it was 10 years ago. My wheels have been turning as I've gone through multiple tutorials and have nearly completed making my Island game from a recent book purchase (loving it!), however, I'm not a developer. I'm a marketer, a planner, coordinator, idea creator, a cheerleader and a brainstorm director. I've been successful in life by surrounding myself with people that know more than me and leading them into pushing their limits and achieving great things.

    So, my reason for this post.

    I have a concept for a multi-player game unlike anything currently available that I feel strongly will become the next big craze. How many of you played Ultima Online and truly enjoyed the wheeling and dealing of property and rare items? Who enjoyed decorating your homes using your creativity to impress those who came to your house to purchase items you had available?

    Well, my game concept is something that brings together the best of that kind of economy and in game business with several other concepts mixed in. Full details will be provided after non disclosure.

    You may think Second Life? Entropia Universe? No, better. More streamlined, more accessible and without the trappings of such complicated systems.

    Though I have this concept and have been writing up the full breakdown of the assets and other details (using a novel writing software actually and it's been working out really well), I'm not a developer. I'm learning enough to be able to talk with YOU in a relatively educated manner so ensure everyone on the team is on the same page, working towards the same goals.

    What I need?
    I know I need the following, but not sure yet how many.
    2D Artist For Inventory Icons
    3D Artist For Building and Character Models
    3D Animator
    2 to 3 Programmers (AI, Network Connectivity and General Development)
    Interface Designer (Though I may be able to do this myself as I've been a Photoshop designer for years).

    What's in it for you?
    The potential for this concept relating to profitability is quite large, though the game will be free to play for all. Initially, once I have the team in place ready to get busy, I will initiate a Kickstarter campaign and begin marketing that campaign all over fansites on the web. This campaign will break down the goals of the team, what we plan to achieve with the game and demonstrate how a player may actually profit from the game themselves, with our blessing. The Kickstarter program aims to be successful at least for the first round of funding (We'll see what we achieve), with the first round of funding being based on the financial expectations of the members who are selected and tasked with a role.

    What this means is, you will be paid upon completion of milestones.

    Once selected, your previous works will be used in the Kickstarter program and I'd like to have some concept art and such showing some of our design goals etc. Based on how the game will function, the Kickstarter campaign should be an easily exciting and sought after item on any gamers agenda.

    It's difficult to explain openly in a public forum how the game will work, how it will get funded and in how many phases it will take to get to completion, however, I assure you that once I have selected you, all will be explained in detail.

    • I will only consider prospects with a track record for completion.
    • Only those with the time to actively work on this project need apply. No part time hobbyists. It wouldn't be fair to me or the others working on the project if you vanish or "couldn't find the time" once the project has begun.
    • List your work examples in this thread. I will be checking it multiple times per day.
    • You must be willing to sign a non disclosure agreement prior to my disclosure of details.

    Finally, I have a $50,000 server farm sitting idle at a colo facility collecting dust. I assume this will be amble for at least development and initial launch phases.

    That's all for now. I hope this was enough information to get approved.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2012