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Entire Quixel MEGASCAN Now Free for Unreal Engine, Can we get this Please Unity

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LIVENDA_LABS, Nov 12, 2019.

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  1. Zarconis


    Jun 5, 2018

    Decided to finish off my UE project, now doing a FPS RPG in Unity.


    FRunnable and GThreadPool serve the tasks of multi-threaded processes and has been available for years, in regard to ECS there is no equivalent and there would be many issues trying to factor it in. Although as specified before I've never found it a bottleneck, I know ECS can be used for rendering (although not looked into it yet) but in general I've always found that component the biggest bottleneck of all when it comes to my projects.

    Rendering is one of THE biggest issues when it comes to UE, its multi-mesh capability is astounding but when it comes to transparency their tiled DR is something rather lacklustre (typical DR issues). Hence skip the open world pipe dreams without some major level design pre-production (plus knowledge) / Lightmass generally destroys any hope anyway (yes I know about SSGI, let's see huh?).

    Finite state machines aren't difficult to create and I'd consider it a primary basic requisite of many games above the most basic levels hence I don't consider it an advantage. Whilst I was very much into graphics shaders / renderers at one point they are today well beyond my understanding, that's why I'm thankful for the likes of Unity's HDRP. It would require months if not years of learning to try and replicate.
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  2. Player7


    Oct 21, 2015
    yeah but... UE doesn't support C# and that's where I draw the line :D
    also but.. UE doesn't have the community and asset store developers that add great value to using Unity.
    lastly but... Epic launcher is fking awful.. maybe EA could help them out and sell them the Origin launcher while they go back to Steam, it would be an improvement :p

    I do like UE large world tools support built in, having free access to a mega library of mega textures is pretty sweet if world building is your thing, and its animation stuff is students seem to get into it pretty well, I still think Unity is better overall and for all the things you can do with UE you can do in Unity +assets.

    "There will be an non destructive open source round trip behaviour soon between Blender as DCC and Unreal." meh.. Unity could just do away with the need for anything else.. it can become Maya for the next decade with the right tool developers working on it.

    "1.2 Mio fund to Blender foundation" .. and I bet it will still have a S***ty default keymap and rubbish ux a year from now.
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  3. Murgilod


    Nov 12, 2013
    You can change the keymap yourself. It's not that hard. You can even download and install presets.
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  4. Antypodish


    Apr 29, 2014
    @Brainslum how much UE pays you?

    Not sure you are aware, but more you try rant here, more silly your post sounds. Specially you evaded multiple asked question, to bring some evidences to discussion. You brought 0 so far.

    Hey but there is bright side on that. SEO will get high ranking, making Unity more popular based on activity. In the end free marketing. Thx for helping Unity.
  5. zombiegorilla



    May 8, 2012
    Way off top and going nowhere. closed.
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