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Discussion in 'Works In Progress' started by LeonidFedorischev, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. LeonidFedorischev


    Aug 27, 2018
    Hi! My name is Leonid Fedorischev. I'm a programmer and I develop my RPG - "Elmarion: Dragon time" using Unity.
    "Elmarion: Dragon time" is an indie RPG, where a dragon is a main hero!

    Aim of the game: to become the king of dragons and at the head of a flock of dragons in alliance with people to repel the invasion of the undead.

    In the game you can
    • Be a dragon! Fly and explore beautiful locations.
    • You can firebreath, set fire to buildings or people.
    • Skill up the dragon. As in other RPGs, you can grow up, gaining experience, levels and new opportunities.
    • Complete quests. The game will have some interesting quests, such as defending or attacking cities, exploring mountains and caves, and searching for magic crystals.
    • Participate in epic mass battles (with people, undead, other dragons). Hundreds of units can participate in the battle simultaneously without lags!
    • Explore a large world, divided into several large locations. There are beautiful summer forests, winter mountains, autumn landscapes and others!
    • Participate in the life of every city. Human cities grow up independently: peasants obtain resources, new buildings and troops are being built. From time to time, people gather troops and hike to other settlements. If you set fire to houses or kill ordinary people - the growing of the city is inhibited, and the dragon’s karma falls, but if you save people from robbers and other monsters, then you help the city and dragon’s karma grows. Depending on karma, people will interact with the dragon in different ways. For example, troops will attack an evil dragon.
    The game is developed using Unity and a set of assets since October 2018.
    The early access is coming in February.
    Add the game to wishlist on Steam! )