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Bug Editor Script Debug Port is not open anymore. (2023.2.0b4)

Discussion in '2023.2 Beta' started by Rob-A, Aug 13, 2023.

  1. Rob-A


    Aug 7, 2012
    I observed that using 2023.2.0b3 and 2023.2.0b4 the debug ports of the editor are not opened anymore.

    - Script debugging is ofc enabled

    - I looked up the port after starting an editor instance from the Editor.log from lines like:

    - Checking by trying to connect with latest Rider (2023.2) or Visual Studio (17.7.0) versions and using recommended ide unity packages (3.0.24 and 2.0.20). Attaching failed...

    - and checking if the port is opened by any application while unity editor is running by using cmd with
    Tryed also to disable firewalls before launching unity.

    Anyone else seeing this problem?
    Is it a known problem?

    If you need more details i can file an unity bug via error report!