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Feedback Editor Hotkey shortcuts editor...

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by Player7, Mar 6, 2020.

  1. Player7


    Oct 21, 2015
    So I'm having some annoying issues with hotkeys..

    In game I have some shortcuts like Holding [Alt] + Mouselook... works fine.. however if [Alt] is held down, and I press another key like ooh I dunno [A] (ie to move left.... Unity stupid editor menu's drop down.. because [Alt]+[A] would trigger the asset menu... now I don't know who hell would still be using bloody hotkeys like that to navigate file menu's in the day and age of using peripherals like a mouse... seems like the kinda stuff should be disabled for a game editor... And the kind of stuff that should be in the new and somewhat useless Shortcuts editor, that doesn't actually have any functionality for clicking on any visual keymap and filtering by hotkeys used on those selected keys..... not that there is any listing of stuff like [Alt]+[A] for the [Asssets] file menu... I'm guessing a windows built in thing..

    is there any code that can be used to block some editor hotkey functionality while the mouse cursor is locked in the game window? ie Cursor.lock or something..

    Would seem like the kind of useful functionality to have.. especially when other assets are also just dumping in there own hotkey shortcuts, like Doozy UI that I noticed seems to have a whole bunch hotkey hogging issues that pull focus out of the game editor for some pretty common button combos.

    Well that's my feedback.. I'm sure it will be buried in 3years like most the feedback that nothing is done about here.