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Bug Editor crash with memory debugging enabled

Discussion in 'Graphics for ECS' started by tertle, Oct 2, 2022.

  1. tertle


    Jan 25, 2011
    Was trying to debug a memory leak in baking and noticed enabling these 3 settings
    TempMemoryLeakValidation: True
    JobTempMemoryLeakValidation: True
    ForceDebugAllocator: True

    -edit- Testing further and disabling ForceDebugAllocator stops it crashing so that seems like the culprit

    And entering play mode crashes unity 100% with this stack trace

    Code (CSharp):
    1. Obtained 39 stack frames
    2. 0x00007ff657676371 (Unity) BatchRendererGroup::~BatchRendererGroup 0x00007ff6576789df (Unity) BatchRendererGroup::Destroy
    3. 0x00007ff656d03d08 (Unity) BatchRendererGroup_CUSTOM_Destroy
    4. 0x0000028631545d61 (Mono JIT Code) (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.Rendering.BatchRendererGroup:Destroy (intptr)
    5. 0x0000028631545bdb (Mono JIT Code) UnityEngine.Rendering.BatchRendererGroup:Dispose ()
    6. 0x0000028631543ebb (Mono JIT Code) [EntitiesGraphicsSystem.cs:1186] Unity.Rendering.EntitiesGraphicsSystem:Dispose ()
    7. 0x0000028631543aab (Mono JIT Code) [EntitiesGraphicsSystem.cs:963] Unity.Rendering.EntitiesGraphicsSystem:OnDestroy ()
    8. 0x0000028631524d60 (Mono JIT Code) [ComponentSystemBase.cs:281] Unity.Entities.ComponentSystemBase:OnDestroy_Internal ()
    9. 0x0000028631523803 (Mono JIT Code) [World.cs:1001] Unity.Entities.World:DestroyAllSystemsAndLogException ()
    10. 0x0000028631520c43 (Mono JIT Code) [World.cs:303] Unity.Entities.World:Dispose ()
    11. 0x000002863151fb33 (Mono JIT Code) [World.cs:329] Unity.Entities.World:DisposeAllWorlds ()
    12. 0x000002863151d7c3 (Mono JIT Code) [DefaultWorldInitialization.cs:101] Unity.Entities.DefaultWorldInitialization:DomainUnloadOrPlayModeChangeShutdown ()
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2022
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  2. VincentBreysse


    Unity Technologies

    May 31, 2021
    Yeah this crash is a known issue. It has been fixed already. Unfortunately it did not make it before the cutoff. Should be fixed in 2022.2.0b10.
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  3. UrsusDominatus1


    Dec 23, 2020
    @tertle may I ask where can I find such useful settings?

    P.S. I am sorry, found them by myself in Preferences->Diagnostics->Core