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Looking For Contributor Economical simulation video game project searching for partners in crime :)

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by Vire7777, Mar 12, 2021.

  1. Vire7777


    Mar 13, 2019
    Hello people

    In december we started the creation of a video game with a graphic designer friend.

    The goal is to make a game "The guild 2-like" but as a first person in a medieval steam punk universe.
    We are very happy about how things are improving but we would love to have more collaborators. So if you could be interested in being part of such project send me a message. I would be glad to explain you the details

    ======= about money =======
    We do this game mainly for fun and there s no money involved but who knows where it would lead us. If we make it as good as we expect, maybe we could even make it for sale on steam and earn from it, but don t expect nothing. It can be a nice experience to put in a CV.

    ======= more about us =======
    We are now 4 gentle guys
    Three developpers, one designer,
    Everyone is welcome whatever your skills :)

    ====== actual state ======
    the game is randomly based

    - a world entirely procedurally and randomly generated at every game start
    the world is based in mountain lands but we could change it to different possibility if we want after (sea side, valley, ...)
    - cities randomly placed with random buildings (but always some specific like market and townhall)
    random houses
    random working places
    - random forests
    - random lakes
    - random roads between the villages/forests
    - random characters with random clothes and stats

    - weather effect with seasons (snow/rain/storm, snow terrain coverage)
    - UMA system for NPC
    - database with all infos inside (easy to add new things)
    - 100+ items you can sell/buy all together with icons etc... at the merchant
    - dialogue system with NPC
    - disease system (spreading and spawning around)
    - Pathfinding system
    - action system with action wheel

    Most important we have cats and rabbits around making their life and they are SOOO CCUUUTTTEEE :p <3

    Here is an old video
    If you want to join, just send us a little message and we ll be glad to explain you more

  2. Vire7777


    Mar 13, 2019
    Hey hey

    Here a new video of the game more focus on our actual buildings