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Echos of Abaddon (working title): My FPS/RPG

Discussion in 'Works In Progress' started by Not_Sure, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Not_Sure


    Dec 13, 2011
    Hello Unity Community! After going through the tutorials I've decided to start attempting to start on my project. I know that I am still new and will most likely meander through the process but at this point I think it's the only way I'm going to figure out what I need to learn still.

    To start, I am going to lay out my GDD which I will update as needed. Then I would like to put together a timeline for me to follow and keep a set of reasonable goals. And finally, I plan on posting regularly as I make progress in the development. So onto my:



    Echos of Abaddon (which I simply call EoA from here on out) will be a first person action rpg with heavy focus on combat, exploration, and ability growth while keeping the story minimalistic as possible. I have no plans on having quests, conversation trees, character classes, factions, or even NPCs since I want an emphasis on the action aspects. It will be the sole goal of the player to reach the last boss and defeat him. Players will never be required to get key items or abilities to progress. The only blockades will be their ability to handle the fights.

    Players will be dropped in very bottom of a large castle with the clear goal of reaching the top. As they explore they will be able to unlock shortcuts and save points, such as in Castlevania or Dark Souls. I plan on using save points that will also work as teleporters to other unlocked save points, stores, and possibly item smiths.

    Also similar to Dark Souls, the game will have only one universal currency that can be spent on leveling up, unlocking skills, or crafting items. I plan on balancing the three while allowing players to develop their character in any direction without penalty. For example if a player wishes to dabble in magic but then switches to weapons there will be no permanent effects, only the loss of currency.

    RPG Engine

    The RPG engine will be built around three main things: Stats, Skills, and Equipment.

    Stats are built on five core stats (strength, agility, endurance, intelligence, and willpower) which in turn will affect sub-stats (Health Points, Stamina Points, Magic Points, Attack Rating, Attack Class, Armor Rating, and Armor Class).

    Skills will become unlockable as the player improves its parent core stat. After they become unlocked they may also be leveled up as high as level 11 (yes, that is a Spinal Tap reference) given that the level is unlocked. Here is a chart of the core stat requirements to unlock skills and their levels:

    The numbers represent the required core stat level. So for example, if you wanted to unlock a level 4 magic spell that is in the 3rd tier then you would be required to have 44 intelligence. Make sense?

    Equipment is currently in the air. I am not sure if I would like to attempt something like Diablo has or if I would rather have the player gather various weapons and have to improve on them rather than collecting a million different items.


    While the story is minimalistic, I still do have at least a framework for it and am willing to change this at any point. The story goes that you lived in Victorian period Romania with a wife, she dies, you search for a way to bring her back from the dead and stumble across a collector of sorts that may posses an item that may bring her back. This person collects all sorts of anomalies which also populates his castle. Which is in hell. Oh, and he also happens to be Dracula. Yeah, so pretty much Castlevania. Like I said, this is not set in stone.

    Well, I think that can cover things for now. I plan on updating the GDD and working out a timeline shortly. I know this seems like a wall of text and most likely not many people will make it this far, but hopefully before too long I can have something more substantial to look at. In the mean time comments are greatly appreciated.