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Easy Color Manipulator - Hue Slider & Auto Hue

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by jezsmith720, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. jezsmith720


    Sep 8, 2016

    What it does...

    -] Edit the color/hue of renderers in real-time with a Slider component!

    -] Use the AutoHue.cs script and customize your random color/hue displays for any renderer component.

    -] Either script can be used to modify multiple renderers at once!

    -] Compatible with all render types - Sprite/Mesh/Image/SkinMesh/Text/TextMesh/PaticleSys in realtime (also works while Time.timeScale == 0)

    How to use...
    Full info in READ_ME.txt located at root of package

    1a) Attach the HueSlider.cs script to any Slider component.
    1b) Attach the AutoHue.cs script to any gameObject

    2) Simply attach the desired renderers to the appropriate render Array in the scripts!

    3a) If using HueSlider.cs - Move the slider in-game and see the magic happen.
    3b) If using AutoHue.cs - Start the game and see the magic happen!

    Easily customizable.
    Compatible with Unity versions >= 5.5^

    If you have any issues or difficulties using the package, let me know I will be happy to lend a hand :)