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Games Early work // pre - viz over a Navy SEALs title . . .

Discussion in 'Projects In Progress' started by vintage-retro-indie_78, Mar 26, 2023.

  1. vintage-retro-indie_78


    Mar 4, 2023
    now, currently have two things wish to do in Unity, a retro Tomb Raider - title, and also something over a retired Navy SEAL captain, called J. T. Miller . . .


    IMAGE # 001 -- John Tristan Miller // second-leader of the green-dragons​

    that's also the reason type bit weird, it's the ' style ' of internal Navy SEAL memos, or intel, bit also over classy CIA - reports, right now have a few ideas, and that he drives a car like this . . .


    IMAGE # 002 -- The iconic muscle car, also called the Ford Mustang 1969 GT500 427 - Cobra​

    Right now not sure if to make a more FPS, or perhaps a simple driving - game, where there are weapons, grenade - launcher, and a flail - system on the front of the car // thresher, and he either hunts witches, trolls, or lich - kings // reaper - generals, and he has a few pets, perhaps a cat called ' Destruction ', and two gold - fish called ' Wish ', and ' Destiny ', anyway need to learn bit over car - systems . . . .

    he's also into muay thai, drinking Jack Daniels, and listening to Elvis, and George Thorogood ( live ) . . . .

    need bit advice how to code the cars, and not sure what the story is, atm working on a more soldier - title, with driving - content, and perhaps also more serious biker - gangs, and an epic story over saving the nation from vampires // not-sure liches, or then rock - trolls, or obsidian - stuff . . . . :) :eek:

    also, idea is to have a Coldplay - soundtrack, Elvis, and perhaps Gary Moore . . . .

    1. Coldplay - In Concert - YouTube

    2. Gary Moore Live Blues - YouTube

    and, he uses spec ops - tactics, and his two favorite weapons are a Colt 1911 military, and then Jack Daniels, idea is to make something like this . . . .


    IMAGE # 003 -- early work, or setting - design​

    looking for feedback, also over how to limit the scope, or find more realistic content for a solo - dev, and as more a story - teller, or over level - design, also don't want to spoil the story, nothing has been written, or these are early ideas, want to make something more ' explosive ' . . . .

    the last idea is to make bit cultural commentary, or expose of the soldier - life, where the retired captain is caught between four things, that keep ' haunting ' him, 1. the Devil, 2. PTSD, 3. booze, and 4. being a ' drifter ', or vagrant, the stuff he fights with after returning from a war, or going bit too much over the soldier - life, or his four ' demons ', or curses-of-the-trade, not sure it makes sense, also need to write the stuff better, for now it's an idea want to make in Unity, not sure PS2, or then PS3 - quality, anyway that's the setting, don't want to spoil anything, or also specific details, etc etc . . . .
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2023