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2D Early look at new pixel sprite system - human char - (big info sheet)

Discussion in 'Art Assets In Progress' started by Reactorcore, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. Reactorcore


    May 19, 2011
    Hello all,

    Been working on this free 2D pixel sprite human character asset for a while.

    You can save-as this PNG and start making your own sprites using this as a template/guide. CC0.

    The goal is to make an art system that anyone can pickup and learn to expand on their own.

    This human character is the foundation for a greater library of sprites that I'll be making - first starting off with hair and clothes for this human, then later making any and all sorts of objects, from props to items, guns, tools, textures, tilesets, animated effects and more.

    I'll provide generous starter packs for free and offer paid expansions later down the line. The free packs will include in-depth information and tutorials on how to do pixel art yourself, so you can do custom work for your own games or even make your packs for sale or freely shared! I want it to be something that anyone can continue even if I'm not around.

    I don't have a schedule or deadline for any packs I'm working on, so I'm posting this now as an early look for folks who want to play around with this template already.

    Eventually the packs will be coming to the asset store and my ko-fi page. If you want to support this endeavour, buy me coffee. More support means I'll prioritise this project more than other ones I'm working on and finish it faster.