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Dynamic reusable Scoreboard

Discussion in 'Game Design' started by MrMelSE, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. MrMelSE


    Dec 10, 2017


    I'm trying to get the best way to design a scorebord that look something like this, I'm fairly new to Unity, while I managed to create what I wanted this far in my 3D world scene, I'm not sure best approach to design this object, 2D? 3D? GUI?


    1. list of names with Score + Total possible score, max 6 names at once.
    2. Sortable by score.
    3. Green/Red representation of each score (hit miss), these sequences can change), sometimes 25 total, next time 20, after that 60, but all in names same scoreboard are always same sequence (You select type of sequence before round).
    4. Need to put in a space between certain groups of Green dots to "categorize" them, i.e. they are not static in place.
    5. Reusable code, I have the score and each Green/red already in a list, so KISS approach to minimize code would be good, i.e. object with properties to call to set score.

    Being a c# programmer, getting the background code going is the easy part for me, not sure how I best create a re-usable visual part though...

    Please help!