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DX12 lighting not working properly in build in full screen

Discussion in 'Graphics Experimental Previews' started by Ploopploop, Mar 16, 2022.

  1. Ploopploop


    Oct 15, 2017
    Hello, I have been playing around with the experimental DX12 ray tracing features which seemed to work flawlessly in the editor mode, for both performance and visuals.

    When I build the project however it was completely black (with a flickering effect between black and dark gray) for ray tracing compatible cards and extremely dark for those that don't support ray tracing. This was however whenever I started the application in full screen mode.

    I discovered by accident that all the post processing and lighting settings seemed to work once I switched from full screen to windowed mode. Switching windowed to full screen resulted in RTX cards getting a dark scene as well as opposed to the black scene before.

    Non RTX cards have currently the same issue. At full screen the scenes are very dark and windowed everything is working as intended. For now I will leave the game windowed without resizing capabilities, as resizing also seems to generate lighting issues.

    My current theory is that DX12 builds don't work properly when it comes to lighting in full screen mode. Is there anything I could try or do? I did find some posts about this specific issue dated a few years back with older versions of unity with no solutions to them.

    I am running HDRP in Unity 2021.1.6 with DX12 enabled and all the ray tracing steps from the manual.

    The image below shows what the scene (lighting wise) looks like in full screen for both ray tracing and non ray tracing. Non ray tracing cards simply didn't have the ray tracing features, lighting wise it was as equally dark. fs_rtx.jpg

    The image below shows what the scene (lighting wise) looks like in windowed for both type of cards. All the settings are still exactly the same, except for it being windowed right now.

    Lastly I have encluded the log files for both GTX and RTX cards, as far as I know it shows nothing crazy.

    I would kindly like to provide more information if it is needed!

    Attached Files: