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Games Drive Drift

Discussion in 'Projects In Progress' started by eyeandlight, Oct 20, 2022.

  1. eyeandlight


    Oct 19, 2022


    Hi all!
    We are Eye & Light, a very small indie team (we are only two coders), and we've developed and published on Google Play Store our first Android racing game: Drive Drift.
    It's a racing game with dynamic vehicle simulation and a score system based on vehicle drifting.
    The adaptive opponent AI is conceived to keep the competition level high and test your driving skills against 7 fierce drivers at each race.
    Vehicle upgrades and body customizations can be acquired in your garage before each race.



    Feature List:
    Our custom shader system allows us to obtain very high quality performance and realtime graphic effects even on entry level Android models.
    - PBR materials
    - Shadows
    - SSAO
    - Depth of Field
    - Sun shaft

    Tech Demo:

    A special configuration panel in video settings allows the player to freely enable or disable the available realtime effects. This allows the player to improve game performance even on older underperforming Android models.


    The game is free to play with advertisements and has recently been released. Currently there are 2 different graphic environments (islands) each with 4 tracks to be unlocked in succession, for a total of 8 game tracks. There is only one vehicle model.
    In future versions of the game we will certainly extend the graphic environments with the relative tracks.
    We plan to add more vehicle models, but that's not a priority right now.
    We are thinking about how we can add a satisfying multiplayer game mode. Realtime online P2P competition on smartphones for a racing game is simply not an option: it's too prone to collision errors.

    Even though the game has been released, we want to develop it further with future updates.
    We would love to hear your views, criticisms and opinions on any improvements to be made or missing features to be added.
    Thank you guys.
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  2. Vincentx


    Nov 15, 2016
    Hi everyone, here are some new images from our video game.
    We've made some relevant graphical improvements, both in rendering system and the overall quality of graphics.
    We're not using default Unity shaders.

    In the following images you can see the new SSAO layer, the diffuse rendering and both layers together.

    Shot_3-1_a.jpg Shot_3-1_b.jpg Shot_3-1_c.jpg

    All shaders for soft shadow, SSR, SSAO, and shading lights are totally custom and optimized, so we can run at 30fps with 2 million triangles average on a mid-range smartphone.
  3. vintage-retro-indie_78


    Mar 4, 2023
    this looks amazing, not sure is either 9, or 10 rating, music is also something else . . .

    it's one of those things where one could write a story, had an idea for a small gang of racers taking on a few dirty cops, or then something over the Cannonball - movies, where a bunch of crazy racers have to make it over the USA, evade the cops, and also try and trick, or scam each other, it takes a bit of effort, not sure one could draw the faces of eight crazy, wacky, or then half ego - driven racers, and then have them go across the USA to win some ( to them ) important cup, or amount of money, stuff looks amazing as it is, not sure one could make a B - movie plot, or some really weird, or crazy-wild story, etc etc . . . :) :eek:
  4. vintage-retro-indie_78


    Mar 4, 2023
    anyway, one could also make Redneck Racers Rampage, where people are driving in more rusty // semi - truck stuff, and then have these goofy, or perhaps ( mildly ) drunk farmers race to win a cup, add also victory music . . .

    it might be a fun, or cool stuff to work on, make it bit over fun, or ' crazy ' driving, or jumps in a car that is full of chickens, various general excitement, it'd be fun to try and make write that, make a few iconic characters, and have them get sucked into a bunch of trouble, perhaps with the local mafia, or ' farmers vs. mafia ' story . . .

    make a sequel, and add a weird // ' funny ' story, or perhaps characters . . . . :) :cool:


    anyway, farmers in converted // turbo - farm equipment vs. the irish // italian mafia, and with a few cops that went bit crooked, bit of a story - writer, and it'd look great in your style of game, don't have the time to make the stuff myself, if you wanted to make the stuff, and give me a free pass to the title // no-money . . . .

    anyway, don't know how to make the car - AI, etc etc, been working on a story, it's about four farmers that get seduced, or more ' tricked ' by fast cars, and cheap women, and end up going to the big city, and be in a race, and they end up having to stop a few corrupt cops, and also the mafia, they each have a tuned // roadster farm - car, and also constantly lose their chickens, and have to find them, at the end of the stuff they realize perhaps fast cars, or cheap women aren't all that much, and find a few corn - field sweethearts, and return to their farms, not sure one could tell that story . . . .

    anyway, the reward for winning the race is title of ' OG Ghost Rider ', and a special cup, and a small sum of money, that's how they're tricked to leave the farm, and get into bit trouble in the big city, not sure the name // could be a fun story, perhaps more a B - movie . . . .
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2023