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Games Dracula's Castle - A Transylvanian Base Builder

Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by Astirian, Jan 26, 2021.

  1. Astirian


    Apr 28, 2018
    Hi :)

    I've been a fan of the base building genre for many years and I finally decided to see if I could make a semi-decent one of my own.

    It's been almost 2 years since I started and I finally got my Steam page up, I feel it's at the stage where I can at least reveal it and start getting feedback and (fingers crossed!) building a community.

    Steam link:

    I just have a teaser trailer for now, I want to flesh the game out a bit more before making a proper high-quality one. I'm thinking of maybe doing Early Access in the next couple of months as well.

    Brief Overview:
    • Kind of a much more involved, premium Fallout Shelter
    • A stronger "outside" element, where you send Dracula to stalk and/or terrorize Transylvanian towns
    • RPG Lite elements with some turn-based combat, crafting and Tarot card deck-building (potentially)
    • A storyline to follow as you pursue the win conditions, loosely based on the book
    • There's plans for some co-op play but I haven't worked out the mechanics yet

    Thanks for reading and I hope you like it! :D
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2021