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Unity DOTS Releases - Latest Release: DOTS 0.17

Discussion in 'Data Oriented Technology Stack' started by davidlovegrove, Jan 24, 2021.

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  1. davidlovegrove


    Unity Technologies

    Nov 20, 2017
    Dear devs,

    Going forward, this thread will be updated each time a new release of DOTS package sets becomes available.

    Please use the DOTS forums for discussions and feedback and start new threads where necessary.

    We are pleased to announce the release of DOTS 0.17. Please see below for the list of packages contained within the release as well as their versions and links to documentation.

    These packages target Unity 2020.1.9f1.

    com.havok.physics@0.6.0-preview.3 - (Documentation) (Change Log)
    com.unity.2d.entities.physics@0.2.0-preview.5 - (Documentation) (Change Log)
    com.unity.2d.entities@0.32.0-preview.5 - (Documentation) (Change Log)
    com.unity.animation@0.9.0-preview.6 - (Documentation) (Change Log) - (Documentation) (Change Log)
    com.unity.collections@0.15.0-preview.21 - (Documentation) (Change Log)
    com.unity.dataflowgraph@0.19.0-preview.7 - (Documentation) (Change Log)
    com.unity.dots.editor@0.12.0-preview.6 - (Documentation) (Change Log)
    com.unity.dots.runtime@0.32.0-preview.54 - (Documentation) (Change Log)
    com.unity.entities@0.17.0-preview.41 - (Documentation) (Change Log) - (Documentation) (Change Log) - (Documentation) (Change Log) - (Documentation) (Change Log)
    com.unity.netcode@0.6.0-preview.7 - (Documentation) (Change Log)
    com.unity.physics@0.6.0-preview.3 - (Documentation) (Change Log) - (Documentation) (Change Log)
    com.unity.platforms.desktop@0.10.0-preview.10 - (Documentation) (Change Log)
    com.unity.platforms.ios@0.10.0-preview.10 - (Documentation) (Change Log)
    com.unity.platforms.linux@0.10.0-preview.10 - (Documentation) (Change Log)
    com.unity.platforms.macos@0.10.0-preview.10 - (Documentation) (Change Log)
    com.unity.platforms.web@0.10.0-preview.10 - (Documentation) (Change Log) - (Documentation) (Change Log)
    com.unity.platforms@0.10.0-preview.10 - (Documentation) (Change Log)
    com.unity.rendering.hybrid@0.11.0-preview.42 - (Documentation) (Change Log)
    com.unity.tiny.all@0.32.0-preview.55 - (Documentation) (Change Log)
    com.unity.tiny.desktop@0.32.0-preview.54 - (Documentation) (Change Log)
    com.unity.tiny.web@0.32.0-preview.54 - (Documentation) (Change Log)
    com.unity.tiny@0.32.0-preview.54 - (Documentation) (Change Log)
    com.unity.transport@0.6.0-preview.7 - (Documentation) (Change Log)

    Thank you
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2021
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