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Does the Unity form need a dedicated Hardware forum?

Discussion in 'Meta-forum Discussion' started by Arowx, Aug 23, 2019.

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  1. Arowx


    Nov 12, 2009
    Unity is a multi-platform game engine that utilises the latest gaming hardware across the board to provide interactive experiences.

    Yet on the forum when we raise the topics of up and coming hardware that could change game development for discussion it is often locked down as not being relevant to game development with Unity at the moment.

    The thing is games run on hardware and the limitations and abilities of that hardware are the boundaries and capabilities of our gaming worlds.

    So I propose a Hardware discussion forum for people like me who like to discuss the capabilities of the hardware and up and coming, future technologies and where they could take our games.

    For instance, we have seen massive parallelism becoming the normal for CPUs, huge and more capable GPUs, now with Raytracing built into the hardware.

    The drive for more powerful AI is supercharging GPUs and dedicated super-sized AI chips that dwarf our current desktop CPUs.

    And even the potential arrival of PIM RAM that's ram with processing power built-in so large DOTS style updated to data can be done directly in and on the main memory for a fraction of the power and time needed to pull the data down to the CPU.

    So if like me you would like to have a place on this forum where you can freely discuss the bedrock on which we build our games, hardware, please vote and comment below?
  2. zombiegorilla



    May 8, 2012
    Answer is no.

    And closed.

    The rules are set and all must follow them. They aren't up for a vote. They have a clear purpose and direction. If they don't suit your needs, go away. Find a better place to post. Don't ruin things for others here.

    I don't how many times it can be explained to you, everyone else seems to understand the relatively simple concept. This forum is for the practical application of Unity and game development in general. It is not a open social media platform, a blogging tool or a wide open community. It is also not a democracy as to purpose of the forums.

    Hardware discussion are most certainly is allowed. When it is practical and applicable. Theoretical hardware, stuff that is significantly in development, or years our hypothetical or anything non relevant to ACTUALLY MAKING GAMES TODAY is off-topic. We tend to be a bit leientent if there is some actual thought put into and there is something relevant. However when a user only contribution is to abuse that lieniance, and repost any tech article they read bolting randomly "should unity blah, blah..." That user will lose privileges. (New rules will regarding behaviour will be announced soon). Discussing crap like PIM RAM is pointless, you have nothing of value to add to that discussion (and likely have no grasp of what it is). Talking about is pointless as it doesn't help people move forward in their projects.

    It is super simple. 99.9999% of users understand it without problem. If it is ubiquitous hardware that is on the market something that users would like to Unity support (ray-tracing/etc) that is perfectly acceptable assuming it isn't just a lazy ass retweet/repost of random article. That is lazy and pointless. This isn't a blog or twitter. Posting an article on memristors is pointless and spam. Take it reddit on the appropriate sub.

    This isn't going to change, this isn't a voteble issue or one to be argued, it is not for these forums. Drop the discussion... permanently. Follow the rules like everyone else. Stop being a pest and participate constructively like everyone else. It has been explained many many times. It will not be discussed or explained again. We can only go so far in trying to explain it, beyond that you need to engage some common sense, read the room and JUST STOP with the nonsense topics. And STOP talking about it here. No more.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.