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Resolved Documentation/API Accessibility: NativeContainerAttribute example uses internal API in documentation

Discussion in '2022.2 Beta' started by Per-Morten, Jul 31, 2022.

  1. Per-Morten


    Aug 23, 2019
    The example in the NativeContainerAttribute documentation on how to create safe native containers without using DisposeSentinel uses the functions CollectionHelper.CreateSafetyHandle and CollectionHelper.DisposeSafetyHandle. These functions are marked internal so they aren't accessible to us. It's not really possible to copy the code either, as CollectionHelper.DisposeSafetyHandle accesses the internal (I assume) field of AtomicSafetyHandle. It would be nice if these functions could be made public so we could use them the way the NativeContainerAttribute example uses them.

    In general, it would be nice if more of the CollectionHelper functions could be made public. A lot of them are convenience functions that it would be nice not to have to duplicate, such as AssumePositive, CheckIndexInRange, ShouldDeallocate, etc. Particularly for the functions that are conditionally compiled away if ENABLE_UNITY_COLLECTIONS_CHECKS isn't defined.
  2. bkaradzic-unity3d


    Unity Technologies

    Jan 17, 2020
    We fixed this issue, and current ETA is DOTS-1.0 (we might also backport it, in case we make another release before DOTS-1.0).
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