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Doc Sites have poor font-family styles set (avalon)

Discussion in 'Documentation' started by brownboot67, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. brownboot67


    Jan 5, 2013
    Posted this over in General/Editor but it probably needs to be here in order to fall into the right hands...

    Quote from old thread detailing the issue below:

    Well, did an inspect on the Package Manager page and one of the child pages (the HDRP page)....

    The Package Manager List Header shows up as: font-family: 'avalonbold', sans-serif;....

    while the HDRP Header: font-family: avalon, sans-serif;.

    The catch is the actual full name of Avalon's bold font is avalon-bold, so its probably falling back to generic sans-serif whatever.

    Whereas avalon's actual name is avalon, and is an actual cursive nightmare that I must have installed for a graphic design project recently.

    So, looks like its actual broken and I just happen to have this one uncommon font installed to see it.
  2. jo-unity


    Unity Technologies

    Mar 27, 2019
    Hi @brownboot67 I'm from the docs team here at Unity. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Certainly seems like we've made a mistake here somewhere. Avalon is by no means our font of choice! I'm going to report this back to our dev team and hopefully we can make a fix for this in the near future.
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