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Do you want to see?"Crystal" becomes a VR novel

Discussion in 'Daydream' started by xiaolong255, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. xiaolong255


    Jul 31, 2018

    Hello,I am a Chinese novel author. I feel that my work’Crystal’ is very suitable to be adapted a VR novel!

    The plot of "Crystal" and the depiction of the lens, depicting the perspective of the character, etc., are all suitable for producing it become a VR novel. After reading the stories of the previous chapters, you will find the fit of this work with VR equipment is so high.

    Imagine that you will become the protagonist of the story, and witness the happening in this millennium through moving picture of every scene in the battle.

    The story has been completed, but due to the progress of the translation, there is only one chapter at the moment, but when you finish reading it, you will feel that making it a VR novel is the best choice.


    The work "Crystal" took more than ten years to conceive, and repeatedly revised every detail until it had a perfect story. It was very special and profoundly described the value of life and self-selection, covering human emotions, philosophy, cosmology, doomsal destruction, future prophecy, and many other factors. It even includes descriptions of artificial intelligence and extraterrestrial life, explaining the birth of God and the concept of the cycle of creation and destruction.

    Through the three different time and space perspectives of “fragmentation”, “newness” and “destruction”, the picture of life in the universe is depicted. In the end, they will explore the essence of the existence of life in the universe, dating back to the origin of their own birth.

    From all of the truth, finding out the value of the existence of the life itself.

    The work Answeres

    Who is "I"?Who is "we"?

    Where does "I" come from? Where does "we" come from?

    Where will "I" go? And where will "we" go?

    The author gives his own answer

    English version:
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    I want to contact google daydream,But I don't know their email address.
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