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Question Do I Need A Better PC For Unity?

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by AyushKhowala, Apr 23, 2024.

  1. AyushKhowala


    Jan 2, 2022
    I have a 3, year old laptop with intel core i3 1005G1 processor, integrated intel UHD graphics, 8GB of ram and 1TB of HDD storage. I used to be able to comfortably run Unity in the past when I used it about 2 years ago but coming back to it now it seems like my laptop is really struggling. Even with just a simple scene containing a tilemap, player object (a triangle), a navmesh with some enemies and very basic post processing, Unity is running very slowly, taking up to a minute to compile even the smallest of scripts (literally just 3 scripts total with
    only one of them having over 100 lines of code, that too I leave lines a lot to make it more readable). It hasn't crashed many times yet, just once in the one-week I've worked on this project after coming back from the long break, but everything feels slow. Even just clicking around in the editor feels extremely slow and frustrating at times. Being a guy who just turned 15 a month ago, I ofc rely on my parents' money to buy me stuff. My father is willing to buy me a new computer, but I really don't wanna make him spend too much money, as PC parts are very expensive where I live. I need to know whether it's absolutely necessary for me to get a new computer. I'm thinking of game dev to be my main work in the future so I'm definitely gonna make much bigger games.
  2. CodeSmile


    Apr 10, 2014
    That is not a very capable CPU with just two cores. A high-end dev system would have an 8-12 times higher Passmark score than 5000. If true, it also uses the "no numbers" Intel HD Graphics which is lowest-end. The 8 gigs are barely enough for making game projects, even small ones, and on top the project is on a spinning (slow) hard drive.

    So yeah, it's nothing but hardship working with that kind of system. ;)

    There's a hardware thread where you can find recommendations or ask for feedback on a possible purchase:

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