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Question Do I have to use the Unity Recorder to make videos?

Discussion in 'Virtual Production' started by Deleted User, Aug 13, 2023.

  1. Deleted User

    Deleted User


    I have a lot of VFX and SFX which I doubt would even be available if I use Unity Recorder to quickly make a video. Can I just use my own video making software to record the effects and such instead?
  2. unity_420E2F030C71A834B25B


    Unity Technologies

    Aug 20, 2021
    I am not aware of limitations of recording Unity based effects using Unity Recorder. Could you clarify what exactly do you mean by "I have a lot of VFX/SFX that I doubt would be available"? Did you test this and find it didn't work?

    But, generally, if you want to record video without using the Unity Recorder, you could use another screen recording program or output the computer's video signal to a video capture device.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2023
  3. raymoncong


    Nov 18, 2023
    Yes, you can use your own video making software to record the effects and such instead of using Unity Recorder. There are several video editing software options available that can help you achieve this. Some popular choices include Camtasia, Davinci Resolve, Descript, Movavi Video Editor, and FoneDog Screen Recorder.