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Distribute offline apps - Microsoft Store for Education/Businesses

Discussion in 'Windows' started by joseGuate97, Dec 18, 2019.

  1. joseGuate97


    Mar 1, 2018

    I am a developer who wants to understand how to use the Offline Licensing distribution feature of the Microsoft Store, for bulk acquisitions.

    I know this is the kind of post where you'll tell the OP to go to Google -- but I still don't understand how to install the appxbundle on an offline machine with the encoded/unencoded license. With the installer, it seems to work, but it never opens, even in machines where it does work after installing from the store directly.

    In other words, I have an appxbundle that I want to install, alongside with a .bin license that I am supposed to use but I don't understand how.

    According to the docs, there are three ways:

    Distribution options for offline-licensed apps

    You can't distribute offline-licensed apps directly from Microsoft Store. Once you download the items for the offline-licensed app, you have options for distributing the apps:

    For third-party MDM providers or management servers, check your product documentation.

    I have been unable to successfully use them, I just don't understand them and don't have experience with any of them. To my surprise, there are no tutorials or major resources that use them specifically in the way that I need, with an appxbundle & a .bin license in hand that I don't know how to use offline.

    I would really appreciate any help/advice. It really shouldn't be that hard, even more if it's a standard procedure that organizations would need to use to run my game in the store. (Like, I am seeking learn first myself before I go and explain to them how they would do it in the easiest way possible -- then I will start offering my educational game to them).