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Question Distortion Shader Graph issues in a 3D top view game

Discussion in 'Shader Graph' started by AlessiaFelici, Dec 7, 2022.

  1. AlessiaFelici


    Aug 11, 2021
    Hello everyone!
    I'm writing here after 2 days where I tried to fix it and didn't quite get to where I want yet.
    The game I'm working on is a builder/farmer game on an alien planet, and I have to create a destructive Heatwave event that can occurr once in a while that has the possibility to put things on fire.
    Now the thing is, the distortion effect I'm using is not working as I was expecting, meaning that when it is affecting emission lines it gets way stronger than on other surfaces, so if I get the strenght of the effect up, it is gonna show on everything but emissions are just going crazy fast and distant from their original vertex position.
    Plus, the entire scene just get very very pixelated and I don't get where it is coming from.
    I created the shader, created a material, created an empty to which I then gave a sprite renderer of a squared 8x8p white plane and gave to it the material then proceeded to add it over the ground of the scene.
    I'll attach some screenshot down here showing what it looks like
    Thanks to anyone that can help me with this or perhaps have any other idea on how to achieve this effect in the game!
    The graph:
    The object to which I gave the shader:
    The scene: