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Discussion : Setups for a moving interiors self illuminated scene within an exterior lighted scene.

Discussion in 'Global Illumination' started by Max_Bol, May 29, 2015.

  1. Max_Bol


    May 12, 2014
    I'm asking this since it's might be something "more often wondered" than some might think... but I'm scratching my head continuously around it.

    With Enlighten, what would be the best kind of setup to manage the lightmaps and real-time lightning as well as the emission exposure of the interior of a moving area.

    Let's make things a lot more clear, there are many kinds of possible situations which could involve this particular kind of scene with complex lightning : Travelling in any moving vehicles which includes without being limited to train, car, planes, helicopters, boats and even submarines!

    Those scenes can involve a whole bunch of different lightning sources.
    On top of that, those lights might have act both as statics (baked lights) and real-time light at the same time based on the lighted asset.

    For example, take a train car interior :
    - You got the train's interior lights which could be baked on the interior of the train only.
    - Those lights might affect the exterior if, for example, the train move inside a tunnel, so they have to act up as real-time lights for those quick passing assets.
    - Then there's the inverse. You have the exterior lights sources which could be baked on the exterior assets. Yet, some of them (the more important ones) would affect the train car interior as real-time lights. Again with the tunnel, if the lights in the tunnel are strong enough, they could affect at real-time the interior of the train.

    It's like mixing 2 layers of lights with different rules whenever they are "affecting each other". You can't bake the light "as is", but only partially, yet it would be a real problem if you had to run every lights and emission sources (with shadows) at real-time.

    What is the best way to set Enlighted Global Illumination for that kind of scenes?

    For now, my only guess is to bake the lightmaps directly on the textures accordingly in the 3D modelling or painting software and only add some lights sources for the real-time lights setting while turning off pretty much every kind of baking option from the GI for that particular scene... but it's completely the opposite of the raison-d'être of Enlighted, is it not? (Or did I miss something)

    Up to now, most of the "scenes" I have seen with the Enlighted system doesn't involve such 2 dimensional fusion of lights sources. As I don't have access to my powerful desktop PC (I'm on my average laptop), I'm not able to test things out at an even acceptable speed, so I thought about asking it here.

    It's open to discussion and sharing suggestions!
    (And thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts and experiences)