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Dino Dare: Maker

Discussion in 'Made With Unity' started by ZebecGames, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. ZebecGames


    Oct 26, 2013
    I am pleased to announce the global release of Dino Dare for iOS and Android!

    The Game

    Dino Dare is best described as a 2D physics platformer and level creator. Like similar games it can also take on some traits of other genres, especially puzzle games. That is because of one of the main features - user level creation. It is up to the creator what kind of level they want to make. I like to make challenging games and I believe this game to be frustrating but fun/silly at the same time. I don't want anyone throwing their phones in anger so I tried to balance it out with a light and friendly theme.

    As with my previous game, I plan to make several feature updates in a relatively short amount of time and support critical issues as long as I can. If you want to see something in a future update (skin/object/tool) please let me know if whatever way is most convenient to you. I do my best to check all of my social media accounts, reviews, and emails daily.

    For the near future my priorities are:
    1. Adding global and local leaderboards.
    2. Adding the "Dino Rush Challenge" - 20 attempts at 10 user levels.
    3. Progression system - better gating of content and free rewards!

    If the game takes off I have some BIG ideas that I want to add but we'll have to wait and see.


    Download Now!


    Dino Dare is a very old idea I've had since the smartphone first became popular. I purchased an iPhone 3G in 2008 to get into mobile game development and converted an old Pentium 4 PC into a hackintosh. At the time I was just starting my Computer Science degree. None of it went very well - especially since I did not have a true mac to develop on.

    The game was put on the back burner several times but I revisited it just about every year. The first prototype was made using Cocos2D. I would port the prototype to several engines over the years before I settled on Unity in 2012 or so. Many years had passed since then and my life was very different so Dino Dare was put on the shelf again and again. I redid the art for the entire game about 4 times and the character art another 2-3 times on top of that.

    In 2014, I decided to take another prototype to market: Geometry Defense. This game was born out of a game I made while in college using XNA: Pocket TD. While Pocket TD was never seen outside of a class presentation I was convinced that Geometry Defense would make it. Since I thought a tower defense was easier to make I pushed forward with it instead of Dino Dare and launched it in 2016/2017. GD did OK in terms of usage/downloads but I LOST a ton of time and money on it. I did learn a lot especially about the infrastructure and business of it all. I am still dealing with the repercussions of that failure though and will be for a long time.

    With all that being said, I am glad to see Dino Dare finally making it out. I don't know if it will get the attention I feel it deserves or that the effort will be worth it but something made me push forward despite my concerns - perhaps I couldn't leave it unfinished after so many hours.

    As always, thanks for your time and support! Please don't forget to give me feedback!
    - Jacob