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Dice Master - The complete solution for your rolling needs [Unity5]

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by Catman, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. CarterG81


    Jul 25, 2013
    It also might just be better to throw the animation and moments before it lands (or right when it does) change the texture. You could make all sides the same result. You could move the texture in the mesh so the top result is the side you want.

    Yes, it isnt something this asset does. Yes, it is cheating and gamedev trickery. But if the player never notices or doesn't care, you can get away with cheats. If the dice are thrown fast enough or they spin enough it might not be noticeable.

    Just a guess.

    A way that always works would be to make animations for dice throwing where the dice land in their side. One animation per side of the dice, and call that animation when rolling since the number is already known (loaded dice). It isnt as dynamic but it would work and wouldnt take much time to do at all, especially if you record a few good animations from this asset's dynamic rolling and for each individual side result, just change the last few key frames of the animation to land on the correct side. So six animations per dice roll for 1D6. You could also have it be a bit more dynamic, having the object move around while it animates so it looks like you're rolling anywhere but the actual spin and rotation is a premade animation.

    I am not at all experienced with physics, but I have a hard time believing you cant get this working 100% of the time with the right settings or trickery.

    Idk. Are there any magnet assets? Attaching magnets to the weighted side might make it "cling" to the right side 100% of the time, if that is a thing? Just thinking of RL physics and ways to load dice IRL that could translate over.
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