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Feedback Detached Windows Min Size

Discussion in 'Unity 6 Beta' started by Slashbot64, Jan 13, 2024.

  1. Slashbot64


    Jun 15, 2020
    Unity can't seem to keep detached windows at a minimum window size or even remember the previous window size on windows with multi monitors and turning the displays off.. windows sometimes depending on which screen is turned back on first will move these windows around and it seems that even the main Unity editor window will remain at the previous window size, however the detached windows will get reduced to the absolute smallest most useless size imaginable.. so small infact that there is no space on the Title Bar to actually move the window with the mouse cursor until it has been resized bigger..

    Why it is i like this in 2024 I don't know, but seems pretty basic to actually have detached windows to actually have a higher minimum window size than whatever the ffff this size is....


    (I often group various detached unity windows to a single group to make things more manageable, the detached window acting as a group for multiple detached windows should have a larger minimum size)
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