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Question Destroy AnimatorControllerPlayable and keepAnimatorControllerStateOnDisable==true, default pose miss

Discussion in 'Animation' started by StayHungry-StayFoolish, Jun 14, 2021.

  1. StayHungry-StayFoolish


    Aug 2, 2017
    I created a PlayableGraph with an AnimatorControllerPlayable which runtimeAnimatorController is the same as animator's runtimeAnimatorController. when animator.keepAnimatorControllerStateOnDisable is true, and I destroy the instance of AnimatorControllerPlayable, I found that the rotation of the charactor's root was error and unpredictable. I seems to be missing default pose.
    When I set keepAnimatorControllerStateOnDisable = false before destroying the instance of AnimatorControllerPlayable, and set keepAnimatorControllerStateOnDisable = true next frame, it seem that the problem is fiexed. But why will that happen? Can anyone teach me? Thanks.
    Code (CSharp):
    1. m_graph = PlayableGraph.Create( + "_fade_" + m_animator.GetHashCode());
    2. m_graph.SetTimeUpdateMode(DirectorUpdateMode.GameTime);
    3. m_fadeOutput = AnimationPlayableOutput.Create(m_graph, "fade", m_animator);
    4. m_fadePlayable = AnimatorControllerPlayable.Create(m_graph, m_animator.runtimeAnimatorController);
    5. m_fadeOutput.SetSourcePlayable(m_fadePlayable, 0);
    6. m_graph.Play();
    7. m_fadeOutput.SetWeight(1f);
    9. m_animator.keepAnimatorControllerStateOnDisable = true;
    10. m_fadePlayable.Destroy();  // character’s root node's rotation is error after m_fadePlayable.Destroy()