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Designing a card game, what about touches

Discussion in 'Game Design' started by pKallv, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. pKallv


    Mar 2, 2014
    I am thinking of making some type of 2D card game for mobile devices and is a bit confused over the design of the actual touches and to get it simple for the player. When i think about it I run out of simple touches and would like to ask for opinions and ideas how to solve this. The functions/touches i can think about is:

    - Select card = single touch
    - Flip card = double touch
    - Select a full deck (all that is under the finger) = long touch (raycast under finger)
    - Move card = single touch and drag & drop
    - Rotate card = two finger twist

    So far so good but how to design a simple way of selecting multiple cards that are not located on the exact same spot? This could be cards that are located in a pile but you can see only the top of each card ( do not know the english word for that) etc. One way that i have tested is to 1) Touch the first card, 2) drag the finger over the cards that should be selected

    The problem i see here is the different phases that is required to get this to work:

    1.) Recognizing that I am about to do this
    2.) Enabling that this is a multi selection process
    3.) Select the cards that the finger touch
    4.) Recognizing when the selection is completed
    5.) Doing what is needed with the selected cards, like drag, flit, twist etc.
    6.) Recognizing when it is time to go back to normal

    From a pure coding point of view it is probably not that hard but from a design point of view i cannot come up with a simple way of doing this. The testing i have done is:

    1.) A two finger long touch on the first object
    2.) Displaying an icon that the game is now in multi selection mode
    3.) Select the cards by drawing a finger over cards to select or just touch them. If touching a selected object it is deselected
    4.) When selection is finished another long two-finger touch, which trigger "processing" mode
    5.) Change color on the icon to show that the game is now in "processing" mode
    6.) Do what would be done with the selected objects, like move, twist, flip etc.
    7.) When finished another long two-finger touch to end this mode

    This is NOT a good way of doing this as it is very complex and not intuitive. Quite frankly it is not trigger a nice gaming experience.

    I have purchased a few packages from the Asset Store but found no solutions. Also, I have tried to solve the "using two finger selection" by creating a virtual box and select all within but have not got that to work either.

    I guess one way of solving this is to have some type of button but i would like to avoid that if possible.

    So, anyone with some good design ideas how to do all the things you need to do with a deck of cards from a design point of view?
  2. pKallv


    Mar 2, 2014
    i hate to do it but: BUMP
  3. DigiLusionist


    Apr 30, 2007
    It may be necessary to employ an Icon Menu that shows an icon for each deck and their discard piles.

    When a player can interact with a deck or discard pile, the corresponding icon lights up.

    Then, you double-tap to interact with it. If the icon is activated with a single-tap, the player may often accidentally open the interaction menu (or switch to a modal gameplay state).

    To enter Deck Selection/Manipulation Mode, double-tap on Card Deck Icon.

    To enter Selection of Cards already in play, single-tap card(s) to select and highlight.

    Then, to do something modal with the selected card(s), touch selected cards with single finger and perform flick motion to flip it, or perform turn motion using two fingertips to turn the card sideways. Once finished, the game ends the action mode and returns the player to Selection Mode.

    Long touch and hold on selected cards brings up "Play Selected Card," or "Discard Selected Card(s)" or "Cancel" menu pop up.
  4. pKallv


    Mar 2, 2014
    very good points, thanks :)