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Derpville scene [DX11, voxel-based GI, volumetric clouds, etc...]

Discussion in 'Made With Unity' started by Lex4art, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Lex4art


    Nov 17, 2012
    Good time of day for everyone.

    I had week and a half of free time, some experience with various game engines, Unity 5.5 and whole Asset Store where a lot of free assets present (+ some commercial stuff was already in my disposal)... this all turns out to this scene (inspired by Fallout of Equestria game project and random fun XD):

    Here is "playable" (you can walk!) build of this scene (1.2Gb, works only with DirectX11 video card on 64-bit Windows; to exit use Alt + F4 (err...)). GI settings is low, volumetric clouds settings is medium:

    For testing purposes here is some additional builds with various global illumination & effects settings:

    Glorious PC Master Race settings (GI on High + Volumetric clouds with insane quality settings + some other settings maxed out; screenshot):

    High settings (realtime GI with medium preset - more detailed shadows & reflections; no volumetric clouds; screenshot):

    Normal settings (realtime GI with low preset; no volumetric clouds; screenshot):

    Low settings (realtime GI with even lower preset & most of post effects are disabled; screenshot)

    Extra low settings (realtime GI still there but with lowest possible settings; texture size 4x lower; no anti-aliasing & anisotropic filtering; screenshot):

    List of assets that was used to create this micro-project + whole Unity project files:

    1)SEGI - all lighting in scene is done by this voxel-based global illumination asset. It is in beta stage and somewhat brute-force, but it's so fun to work with lighting in real time! (with some tweaks it even work in Scene view).

    2)UBER - for that project wish I had RTP asset from this same author but I did not bought it yet... anyway, this road on terrain mesh done by 2-layer UBER shader ).

    *** FREE ASSETS ***
    Thanks to my friend Mexanist for courtesy of sharing models (both dragons sculptures and Lamborgini Countach). Ugly UV's on those models in game - mine work -_-". You have permission from the author to use these assets for yours non-commercial projects, just give a credit to him somewhere.

    1)Post-processing Stack - Created by Unity team; it is in beta stage, but already works great - temporal AA, bloom and lens dirt, tonemapping, LUT, vignette and chromatic aberrations...

    2)Screen Space Multiple Scattering - physically correct fog. Best that I have seen yet in any game ).
    3)kode80 Volumetric Clouds - realtime volumetric clouds (free only for non-commercial use). With Unity 5.5 there some problems with setup but in game works great. On low settings runs with 50+ fps, on insane settings - 10fps but they alone looks so cool just to whatch XD ))
    4)Derpy model - thanks to Costache from BlendSwap.
    5)Viking Village - official Unity scene with a lot of medieval assets.
    6)Adam Exterior Environment - official Unity scene with a lot of rusted metal and broken sci-fi highway parts, that give my scene really nice look.
    7)Adam characters pack - official Unity characters and equipment; gun that Derpy pone holds is taken from there ).
    8)The Blacksmith Environment - official Unity scene, some medieval stuff from there was useful for decoration.
    9)Frame Rate Counter - surprisingly it is still working under Unity 5.5 (this counter you can see on screenshots above).
    10)The Wasteland LITE - a lot of free assets for prototyping deserted place.
    11)3D Decals + Mossy Rocks + Grounds Materials Sample + Tools and Logs - courtesy of Mikołaj Spychał ). 4K PBR textures + decent meshes.
    12)Tree Mediterranean - you can see this one in the yard.
    13)Birch Tree Pack vol. 1 - and this trees too in the yard :).
    14)Free materials from Substance Share - Concrete Europe, Brushed Copper.
    15)Rock and boulders 2 - nice pack of free rocks from Manufactura K4 ).
    16)Building kit 1 - nice pack of modular buildings.
    17)Old soviet shop - this one you can find under the highway.
    18)HDR skybox - free version from ).

    If you want to use this project for testing own ideas/visions - feel free to do that, here it is: - 3.77Gb, requires Unity 5.5 with at least SEGI (commercial asset) to be installed (without that voxel GI system everything will be dark in scene; UBER aslo used, but it is not so critical - follow map naming if you don't have UBER - there is version for SEGI-only setup). Sharing those commercial assets are illegal so they are removed from project files but all settings still there.

    - Modern graphics are possible on Unity 5.5, it was a little bit expensive but fun (just grab some free assets and place them over the scene with realtime GI/fog/post-effects in viewport!)
    - SEGI is hardware expensive but can be tweaked for decent performance/quality trade off; wish edges on geometry was not so pixelated/blocky on "Tracing properties -> Half resolution" settings...
    - Volumetric clouds also can be tweaked for good performance but it is hard to have both SEGI and Volumetrics simultaneously with good fps...
    - Wish I know about this resource two weeks ago ).

    Have fun! )
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2017
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  2. ftejada


    Jul 1, 2015

    You seem very good at staging. I love how the images look.

    I'm going to download the compilations and the project you've uploaded. These days I tell you what I thought

    Greetings and thanks.
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  3. ftejada


    Jul 1, 2015
    A question...

    What fog are you using and what lens effect? Does this demo use SEGI?

  4. Lex4art


    Nov 17, 2012
    Check list of used assets under spoiler section of original message, all information hidden there.

    Thanks! This is fast-build project from random assets but I managed to squeeze some decent screenshots ).
  5. Lex4art


    Nov 17, 2012
    Some minor changes:
    - Project files are cleaned from unused resources and now archive is only 3.8Gb.
    - Project files moved under spoiler with list of used resources.
    - Added 3 new builds with different GI/effects settings (Normal v2, Low, Extra low).
    - Most of these builds hidden under additional spoiler.

    Have fun ).
  6. Joe_Siu


    Jun 17, 2016
    Nice work! And thanks for your list of the free assets, especially the SMSS! Never know there is such great free asset that turns the fog to more realistic until I saw your post! Thank you very much!:)
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