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Depth of field/lense distortion - URP - Mac

Discussion in 'Image Effects' started by wjt6, Aug 25, 2021.

  1. wjt6


    Aug 10, 2020
    I'm having trouble getting depth of field and lense distortion working. All other effects seem to work fine though, so I'm not ure why only these two won't work. I've tried using global volume and also tried using a post processing volume set as global + post processing layer on my camera and a dedicated layer.

    From what I've read these effects should work fine in URP. Is there some reason why they may not be working since I'm using a Macbook?

    For some reason when I try using the dedicated post processing layer nothing works. I've only been able to get effects working by using the global volume on my default layer.

    Macbook Pro 2019
    Untiy v 2020.2.7f1
  2. april_4_short


    Jul 19, 2021
    Not a direct solution, more a whinge:

    There are all sorts of issues with sorting and passes in URP, which are needed for doing transparency with any kind of sane layering, same for depth of field and blending things additively.

    URP was originally the LIGHT WEIGHT RP, and not really intended to do much more than be a LITE weight rendering pipeline for games that targeted lesser hardware and didn't need things like post processing, sorting or transparency.

    If you really want these features, and your sanity, it's best to use Builtin for the foreseeable future.

    You'll be able to get much more sense out of everything, as it's tried and tested by thousands of very experienced users who've made millions of bug reports towards a single system, that Unity used to try to make work as well as they could.

    There's hundreds of very good shaders for Builtin Renderer, in places like GitHub, doing just about everything you can ever imagine.

    There's lots of good post processing stuff, a lot of which is highly optimised, for Builtin Renderer.

    If you absolutely must use URP, you're going to have to compromise on what you do with it, to the parts that work reliably, which is a shifting target as they figure out what they're doing with it.

    Another plus for Builtin Renderer - it's widely known how to optimise it for many different use cases.

    Otherwise... when it comes to transparencies and effects and especially depth of field and lighting... URP is a bit gnaff.