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Democratize the documentation and learning cheaply. Add user examples to documentation

Discussion in 'Documentation' started by FiveXGames, Apr 15, 2021.

  1. FiveXGames


    Apr 27, 2016
    Include a user examples under each documentation page, with a vote/report system so the documentation will have some common user cases.

    Also to be legally protected include a "NOTE: This is not UNITY" or whatever as big, long and red as you want

    Why? (upsides)

    1. Better info for the users, most of the cases a simple usage example is great (you try to do it by user employees, but at the end, many of the documentation pages don't have examples or the examples are not updated or useful at all)

    2. When Unity employees review the engine they will see which is the common usage of the different parts of the code and may save time.

    3. Reduce the learning curve of using Unity for new users and will help them at make them more willing to use Unity as main engine, this means more $$$ to you.

    4. The information from the documentation will include real world users that may use it in real scenarios


    1. You need some moderation to avoid crap content and a report system.

    Low-cost solution:

    Use a hidden unity answers category (or not hidden) for each documentation page and embed them in the documentation page, this will include the vote system and the moderation :)


    Please think that many users don't have all the clues when arriving a documentation page and having some common case uses will contribute a lot to the democratization of game development (using Unity).

    P.S: If thinking in the users is not good enough, then please think the money Unity can make with a more streamlined learning process and the valuable feedback you may receive without a big investment.
  2. mgear


    Aug 3, 2010