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Feedback Default Volume Profile Settings seems confusing to me

Discussion in 'High Definition Render Pipeline' started by dgoyette, May 11, 2020.

  1. dgoyette


    Jul 1, 2016
    I'm currently upgrading from Unity 2019.1 to 2019.3, and with it I'm going from HDRP 5 to HDRP 7. So far, the most confusing thing has been the Default Volume Profile Settings that seem to have been introduced either in HDRP 6 or 7.

    First, it's pretty confusing that all of my scenes were suddenly rendering completely differently, and were completely blown-out, lighting wise. Even creating a brand new scene, it was a blown-out mess. There's nothing in the scene itself that gives any indication where these settings are coming from. Only after digging into things did I discover it was coming from the default scene settings. So, just that concept alone is pretty weird. It seems cleaner if a new HDRP scene just contained a prefab with a global volume profile on it, so that it's not such a mystery where those settings are coming from.

    (Incidentally, the reason for the scene being blown-out seems to be because the default Exposure override sets exposure to 11? Is that really supposed to be 11? That seems massive to me.)


    Second, it's not clear how those defaults interact with the existing profiles in the scene. For example, the first scene I opened already contained a global volume profile. Yet, despite that, it also applied all of those defaults. So, even though my scene contained a Global volume profile with HDRI in use, it still applied that "Exposure 11" in my scene. Here's my existing global volume profile, which exists in the scene as a prefab:


    So, how do the defaults interact with my explicit volume profile? Do I have to override every single field that's specific in the default in order to undo it? It seems that like I should be able to choose to Override "HDRI Sky" without worrying that the default is also acting on HDRI Sky.
  2. netpost


    May 6, 2018
    I totally agree. Why make it simple when you can do it the complicate way. No answer yet probably because everybody is confuse too.