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Question Debug Symbols on il2cpp (Server) builds

Discussion in 'Linux' started by VRGroupRWTH, Apr 17, 2023.

  1. VRGroupRWTH


    Oct 23, 2021
    Hi all,
    I have a question regarding profiling/debugging dedicated servers built via il2cpp on linux.

    I have an il2cpp build of a server running in a k8s cluster (irrelevant really) - my continous profiling solution requires debug symbols to give meaningful information about stacktraces etc.

    As a first step, I tried to attach gdb to a single server process, but I'm not getting any information from the symbols.
    I tried manually adding the symbol tables from the 3 .debug files that the build process created, but that did not change anything.
    Does anyone have any pointers on how to get gdb, perf or ideally bcc tools to work with Unity debug symbols?