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Dead Velvet (A survival horror project) - Applications now open!

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by Hexx, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Hexx


    Sep 11, 2012
    I'm forming a small, independent (and at this stage, amateur) game design team by the name of Dead Velvet.
    I'm currently working on a Survival Horror game, it's an untitled project at this stage. I don't want to dive too deep into the creation of a project without other people on the same page as me who want to create it with me.

    So far the main idea is that you start off in a slender inspired forest, and see small apparitions of ghostly figures as you have to follow clues to make your way to a mansion gate. You enter the mansion, and the horror begins.
    You are an English actor named Pier, who finds a letter in his closet after the disappearance of his wife, Elaine, addressed to her. Immediately assuming she is having an affair, after the odd letter with no detail, he endeavours into the address attached to find nothing but a forest. In the distance is the tip of a mansion with smoke coming out of it.
    He gets out of his car, and adventures into the forest, about to confront his wife and the man she is cheating on him with.

    That's the story, simplified.

    Gameplay elements will be similar to that of Slender or Amnesia. I don't want to create a completely isolated game, the aim is not to scare the S*** out of everyone who touches to the point that they can't play anymore. The main point that I want to emphasize about this game is the atmosphere. I don't want any scary faces popping out, I want few encounters of enemies creeping up behind you. The scares should be frequent and subtle. Dark figures walking through corridors. Entering into one room, progressing to the next, and when you re-enter the previous finding the furniture in completely different states. The progressive scariness should not be defined by the more frequent encounter of cheap scares that fourteen year olds will cry over and immediately call it the scariest game ever. I want something that can be truly appreciated. Consider it a form of art that you progress through.

    Having said that, that's my general direction. Obviously I want a team, and that means not everything is going to go the way that I would rather have it. The game needs a unique feel, coming from all directions. As long as we maintain a similar goal, and don't stray too far from the end product I think that this can turn out well.

    These are the things I am not willing to part with, if you want to be a part of this project on Dead Velvet.
    • Cheap scares, the game will not be about S*** popping out around the corner every few moments.
    • Scary atmosphere, this is a Survival Horror game, not a replication of Hello Kitty Island Adventure.
    • Ghosts, I don't want zombies, soldiers, pizza boys. If we're going to have other enemies, physical aspects is not what I'm looking for. Demons or gods maybe, but nothing physical.
    • It starts in a forest and progresses to a mansion. The current work cannot be trashed.

    Everything that is in the game so far is my work. I am very new to Unity, however I pick up on things extremely quickly. I need a team that is willing to work with me, and allow me to learn from them and talk to me about parts of the project rather than closing up.
    As for my role, I want to slowly learn Java and create a good deal of the game and how it works. In saying that you will find that I can do a lot of voice acting and sound effects. I can direct the game extremely well, without any coding knowledge despite my frantic and ever expanding learning curves.

    I am looking for the following talents:
    • 3D Model Design
    • 3D Animation
    • Java / C# scripting
    • Unity Extpertise
    • Music Composition and Sound Engineering
    • Scriptwriting
    • Alpha / Beta Testing Skills
    • Photoshop Design

    I'm not asking you to be magnificent at it, or have a vast and ever-expanding wonder hole inside your head that explodes with rainbows and creative ideas every time you load up a system. Just the motivation and ability to work within a team.

    Please send me an email at with a description about yourself and your talents, and I will be eager to reply with a position that you can have in this team to create a unique and scary survival horror game. Thanks very much!

    The following images will be of my progress on the work, and finally a link to the Alpha stage of what I have created thus far.

    The Template

    Textures have been added and trees have been placed.

    Fog has been added and atmosphere begins to show. Skybox in place.

    Sunshafts are in place, the forest is at its correct pace. Flashlight abience has been added.

    You can find the Alpha 0.13 here.

    Your resume must be detailed, and contain a solid amount of information. "Hi I'm a sound engineer and I like survival horror, your game seems like something I've been looking for and I'd like to get working with you! Let me know if you're interested, cheers, Mike!" will not do.
    You must be fluent in English to show that there will be no in-game errors and that you are able to respond to user inquiries and effectively communicate with the team over a virtual level, obviously we need a good amount of detail when it comes to the internet.
    You must provide some form of work that you have done. A portfolio is nice however I enjoy a reviewing your work on a more personal level. I'd rather see something you've provided me in more relevance to the project as opposed to a heap of things that you've done- although this will not really affect much.

    Even feedback on the Alpha is appreciated, if you want to email me or reply directly to this thread. Either is fine. However all applications must be emailed to me.

    I'm looking forward to reviewing your applications and hopefully I can work with some very talented and enthusiastic people.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2012