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Bug Data Persistence example bug

Discussion in 'Game Foundation' started by MadanyNO, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. MadanyNO


    Apr 18, 2016
    hi it less then a bug i think but i thought to paint it anyway,

    when u load the list with the button after the scene was loaded already with the saved inventories,
    it reverse the order of the list/dictionary of the inventories.

    basiclly, i restart the scene for the Data Persistence example after i saved, and Game Foundation Debug window show me this:


    and then i press the load button, and i can see the list of inventories in the Game Foundation Debug window getting reverse order, which then puts the main as last inventory and then u cant remove last, cause its main inventory.


    also if i remove an inventory then load the saved state, the one that wasnt removed get reversed in order and then the one that was removed get to the end.


    it also shows in that order int the UI of the scene.

    was that meant to be like that? cause i feel it wasnt meant to be like that.

    if it was not a bug and meant to be like that then sorry in advance ^^"
  2. mingz-unity


    Unity Technologies

    Oct 12, 2017
    @MadanyNO thanks for the report -

    The team has investigated into this and believe it's already fixed in our latest release (0.3.0). Please let us know if you still run into this issue, or have any other questions.
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